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Information Literary Resources: 8. Japanese studies senior thesis preparation (H)

8. Japanese studies senior thesis preparation

Using Japanese Library Resources



Japanese studies senior thesis preparation


Chiaki Sakai, University of Iowa
Yoko Okunishi, Japanese American National Museum

Subject of the Lesson

Locate Japanese library online resources; identify types of databases depending on materials (books and journals); develop search skills to effectively retrieve Japanese language materials; and recognize library services.


Japanese study major students

Learning Objectives

Application of ACRL Standards 1-2; SAILS Skills Sets 3-7 & 9

  • Students will locate Japanese library OPAC and journal index.
  • Students will identify types of library databases available, depending on materials (books or journals).
  • Students will practice database search and develop effective search skills.
  • Students will recognize search tips necessary to use Japanese online databases, including (ワード検索 and 全文検索)as well as word division.
  • Students will access library materials through library services.


  • Introduction:
    National Diet Library online databases, including its OPAC (書誌検索) and journal index (雑誌記事索引検索).
  • Use online databases: Basic search
    NDL OPAC and Zasshi kiji sakuin.
  • Use online databases: Advanced search
    Search tips (ワード検索,全文検索, and Japanese word division), and the use of help files.
  • Access journal articles
    Library Catalog and ILL



Part I

  • Brief Lecture - Introduction: Japanese library online databases by National Diet Library, including its OPAC (書誌検索) and journal index (雑誌記事索引検索).
  • Active Learning - Students will locate appropriate NDL online databases, examining materials (books or journals).

Part II

  • Guided searching NDL OPAC and Zassaku (Basic Search): Students will try basic keyword search. Students will find other keywords in relevant search results retrieved and refine search terms.

Part III

  • Guided Searching NDL OPAC and Zassaku (Advanced Search): Students will use help files and scope notes of the database. Students will use advanced search options. Students will also learn search tips for a Japanese language database.
  • Brief Lecture - Explain Japanese word division

Part IV

  • Brief Lecture - Explain how to interpret the citation information referring to database help files.
    Active Learning - Short quizzes will be assigned to students.
  • Guided Search - Students will practice the use of library catalogs to locate library materials.
  • Brief Lecture - Introduce the ILL service.
    Active Learning - Students will fill up ILL request form to order library materials.

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