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Information Literary Resources: Lesson Plans & Course Syllabi

Lesson Plans

1. Japanese seniors and graduates research preparation
Instructor: Sachié Noguchi, Japanese Studies Librarian

2. Bibliographical & Research Methods
Instructor: T. Bazzell

3. EALL 603J, Japanese Culture 300 level
Instructors: Michiko Ito, Xiuying Zou

4. Japanese History Seminar: JACAR Online Digital Documents Search
Instructors: Tad Suzuki, University of Victoria, and Yunshan Ye, Macalester College (April 2005)

5. Using Japanese Periodical Indexes
Instructors: Beth Katzoff and Yuan Yuan Zeng, revised by Beth Katzoff (July 8, 2005)

6. Various tools to identifying correct citations for finding and obtaining Japanese articles
Instructor: Kris Troost and Haruko Nakamura

7. Finding Japanese Newspaper and Journal Articles in the Social Sciences and the Humanities
Instructor: Hitoshi Kamada, Japanese Studies Librarian, The University Arizona Library, and Eiichi Ito, Reference Librarian, Asian Division, The Library of Congress

8. Japanese studies senior thesis preparation
Instructors: Chiaki Sakai, University of Iowa, and Yoko Okunishi, Japanese American National Museum

9. Chinese Electronic Resource Training Session
Instructors: Cathy Chiu, Head, East Asian Library, University of California at Santa Barbara, and Julie Su, Head of Serials, Digital Resources/Serials Librarian, San Diego State University

10. Japanese Studies Seminar - 1st year grad students
Instructors: Sanae Isozumi, University of California, San Diego, and Julie Su, San Diego State University

11. Japanese E-Resource Training Session
Instructors: Sanae Isozumi, University of California, San Diego, and Toshie Marra, University of California, Los Angeles

12. Japanese Name Searching in MagazinePlus
Instructors: Ellen Hammond, Curator, East Asia Library, Yale University, and Toshie Marra, Japanese Studies Librarian, East Asian Library, UCLA

13. Japanese literature: Compare and evaluate two electronic full-text databases
Instructors: Dawn Lawson and Sumie Ota

14. History Seminar 401
Instructors: Hsi-chu Bolick, East Asian Bibliographer, UNC Chapel Hill, and Kazuko Sakaguchi, Director, Doc. Ctr. on Contemporary Japan Harvard University

15. Accessing the Prange Magazine Collection
Instructors: Kuniko Yamada McVey, Wen-Ling Liu

16. Identifying and evaluating web sites
Instructors: Meng-fen Su and Setsuko Noguchi

17. Introduction to Japanese Legal Materials: A Workshop
Instructor: Rob Britt

Course Syllabi

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