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Information Literary Resources: 15. Accessing the Prange Magazine Collection

15. Accessing the Prange Magazine Collection


Accessing the Prange Magazine Collection - Library Instruction Session


Kuniko Yamada McVey, Wen-Ling Liu

Subject of the Lesson:

The course will introduce students to the background and coverage of the Prange Magazine Collection, and will demonstrate different search methods through hands-on practices. The goal of the class is for students to retrieve bibliographic information to 2,022,476 articles in 13,799 magazines from the Prange Magazine Collection via the database "Senryoqi zasshi kiji joho detabesu" (占領期雑誌記事情報デ一タベ一ス


Faculty and students who are interested in finding information from magazines examined by General Headquarters (GHQ) and issued in Japan during the occupation period, 1945 and 1949.

Learning Objectives

(note: this lesson addresses ACRL Standards 1, 2 and 3. Of the SAILS Skill Sets, it addresses Sets 2-3, 9, and 10.)

  • Students will explore the scope and content of the database.
  • Students will learn how to register for the database.
  • Students will identify key search methods to retrieve articles they need.
  • Students will become familiar with the related terms that describe the bibliographic entry.
  • Students will select efficient and effective search methods for accessing the information.
  • Students will construct an appropriate research plan to find information they need from the database.
  • Students will evaluate the quality and relevance of the information retrieved.

Contents Outline:

  • Introduction to the scope and characteristics of the Prange Magazine Collection
  • Learn how the database works
  • Learn how to register for the database
  • Use of the database through various case searches
  • Identify and understand the terms used for the description of each article
  • Evaluation of search results and database
  • Question & Answer


  • Introduction of the Prange Magazine Collection and its search engine database, "Senryoki zasshi kiji joho detabesu"
  • Instruction with demonstration
  • Guided discussion
  • Supervised exercises
  • Guided review
  • Question & Answer, Evaluation

Exercise Examples:

  • 岡部長景. "新日本建設と教育の使命." 大日本教育797 (1945): n.p.
  • 柳田謙十郎. "歴史的精神について." 三重県警察雑誌, 1 June 1947: n.p.
  • "青年と解放運動について." 部落問題研究, 1.5 (1949): n.p.
  • What is Naoya Shiga's first published work after the WWII ? Provide citation. Was it censored?
  • How many articles written by Nippon Kyosanto 日本共産党 in 1945, and how many are censored?

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