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Information Literary Resources: 12. Japanese Name Searching in MagazinePlus

12. Japanese Name Searching in MagazinePlus

Japanese Name Searching in MagazinePlus



Ellen Hammond, Curator, East Asia Library, Yale University;
Toshie Marra, Japanese Studies Librarian, East Asian Library, UCLA

Subject of the Lesson

This lesson is designed to help students become more effective searchers by acquainting them with the issues involved in searching for proper names in Japanese periodical indexes. At the same time, it aims to help them develop a more critical stance toward the selection of periodical indexes.

The session is designed to meet the following standards:

  1. ACRL Information Literacy Standard Two
  2. The information literate student accesses needed information effectively and efficiently.
  3. Project SAILS Skill Sets:
    Skill Set 6: Constructing the Search
    Skill Set 7. Understanding Information Retrieval Systems
    Skill Set 10. Evaluating and Selecting Sources


Students specializing in Japanese Studies who have advanced Japanese language reading skills

Learning Objectives:

During this workshop (planned for one hour) students will learn to:

  • Identify types of articles and coverage of Japanese periodical indexes
  • Search articles using various indexes and limits in MagazinePlus
  • Understand the problems involved in Japanese name searches
  • Select effective approaches for searching names in MagazinePlus

Content Outline:

  1. Introduction to MagazinePlus
    • Are you in the right place? Deciding if MagazinePlus is the best index for you
  2. How to find articles with MagazinePlus - Basic searching techniques
    • Using various indexes
    • Using limits
  3. Theory and practice of name searching
    • Using Romanized forms
    • Using Japanese - Hiragana/katakana
    • Using Japanese - Kanji
    • Variant names


Part 1: Introduction

  • Individual work: students search coverage information of MagazinePlus in the search screen
  • Brief lecture on the database coverage

Part 2: MagazinePlus Basics

  • Guided browsing: Using "Saikin 2-shukanbun no zasshi mokuji," students will browse journal titles of their interest and observe how up-to-date articles are included in the database
  • Guided searching: Using various indexes and limits, students will search articles as instructed in the database search log handout and record their findings
  • Brief lecture on how to get actual articles

Part 3: Name Searching

  • Guided searching: Using different scripts (alphabets, hiragana/katakana, and kanji), students will search articles by names as instructed in the database search log handout and record their findings
  • Student exercise: students will pair up to discuss the problems given in the handout and think effective search strategies for searching names
  • Brief lecture on authority control


Students will complete an evaluation form.

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