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Information Literary Resources: 16. Identifying and evaluating web sites (H)

16. Identifying and evaluating web sites

Training the Trainers (T-3) Workshop Assignments

Instructional situation

The participants are senior undergrad students who take Japanese studies classes at the Department of Asian Studies. The students took Japanese language classes during their undergraduate studies, and have basic language skills. They already attended the first introductory session to the Japanese Studies, which included general online resources for Japanese studies, such as online dictionaries, and newspapers.

Specific skill or concept

Specific skills -- Selecting reliable and useful sources from web sites and evaluating them for retrieving accurate information.

Subject of the lesson

Improving knowledge of identifying and evaluating web sites in order to determine reliable and useful information.


Senior undergrad students in Japanese studies class (#4XX) at the Department of Asian Studies.

Learning objectives (note: this lesson addresses ACRL Standards 1, 2, &3. Of the SAILS Skill Sets, it addresses Sets 3, 4, 8, &10.

  • Students will improve skills to identify efficient sources
  • Student will evaluate web resources in order to retrieve reliable and useful information
  • Students will critically evaluate commercial web sites

Content outline

Selecting a search engine (10 minutes)

  1. Provide a handout of the subject of lesson, including URLs, domain names, and 5 web evaluation criteria.
  2. Show the different results achieved when Google and Google Scholar are contrasted, using the search term "anime".
  3. Show Google Japan, using the same search term "anime". Show Japanese domains.
  4. Show the audience a search scenario of the instructor's choice using Google for the next step of website evaluation.

Evaluating web resources (45 minutes)

  1. Read and explain each criterion briefly with examples. (15 minutes)
    1. Accuracy
    2. Authority
    3. Objectivity
    4. Currency
    5. Coverage
  2. Give online examples and let the students evaluate them in pairs or small groups. (10 minutes)
  3. Students report their findings. (10 minutes)
  4. Summarize the evaluation techniques in light of the students' findings. (10 minutes)

Conclusion (5 minutes)

Review today's lesson. (Students complete evaluation form.)

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