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North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC): About Membership

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To achieve NCC’s mission to expand and improve access to library resources and information about Japan, we are actively building a membership base of Japan Studies scholars, librarians, and teachers. By reaching out regularly to our members, NCC will be better able to understand and articulate their concerns and coordinate projects that meet their evolving needs.


NCC Membership FAQ:

Q: What are the benefits of NCC Membership?

A: NCC members receive our quarterly newsletter with updates about resources, networking, and activities in the Japan Studies community. Members will also have opportunities to provide input on NCC activities and events through surveys and other means. (However, voting rights on major decisions effecting the organization are reserved for the NCC Council.)


Q: Who should become an NCC member?

A: Anyone who is interested in Japan Studies is welcome to join NCC.
However, the following groups of people will find membership in NCC particularly beneficial:

  • Japan Studies researchers - especially those at the graduate and faculty levels.
  • Japan Studies librarians or anyone supporting Japan Studies researchers.
  • Teachers of Japanese language, arts, history, culture or other subjects related to Japan.


Q: Does it cost anything to join NCC?

A: A: No. Membership in NCC is free. Membership renewal is also free.


Q: If membership is free, where does NCC get its financial support?

A: The bulk of NCC’s financial support comes from generous grants, primarily from The Japan-US Friendship Commission and Toshiba International Foundation. However, we are always looking for ways to diversify our funding sources and welcome even small donations that would demonstrate wide support for our mission.


Q: Does becoming a member of NCC mean that I am automatically eligible to participate in NCC's Committees and Working Groups?

A: No. NCC Committee and Working Group chairs are in control of who is actually involved in their group or activity. If someone, who has signed up for free membership, offers to volunteer, chairs have the option to find out what that person could offer the Committee or Working Group. Ideally, the membership would provide a pool of potential people to call upon, as needed.


Q: I'm interested in helping out with NCC, and I signed up to be a member, now what?

A: NCC’s membership sign-up survey allows new members to express their areas of interest so NCC can call upon them, if there is a need, to participate in surveys or other activities relating to their interests. If an NCC committee or working group needs new members, the subscribed membership also offers a source for finding new people as needed.


Q: If I become a member of NCC, can I put this on my resumé or CV?

A: Yes. As with membership or affiliation with any academic organization, the choice to put it on one’s CV shows 1) that the person values it highly enough to want employers to know about it, and 2) that this person aspires to become an active member of the Japan Studies community.


Q: Does membership give me the right to represent NCC?

A: NCC membership, as is true of membership in any organization, does not in itself grant members rights to represent or negotiate officially on behalf of NCC. However, we do welcome members to spread the word about our website, services, and activities.


Q: If NCC has initiated a free membership subscription, how does the organization differentiate between the committee and working group members, who are working on behalf of NCC and subscribed members, who are not active in any NCC projects?

A: The members of NCC who are actively involved in certain committees and working groups have titles, such as Chair, co-Chair, or, for example, “DRC member,” which will distinguish them from members who do not have such roles


Q: I live outside North America. May I still become a member?

A: Yes! As its name suggests, NCC was founded with a focus on scholars, librarians, and teachers in North America, but we recognize that with resources and collections becoming increasingly interconnected, our outreach and advocacy will be strengthened by working as a global community.


Q: What does NCC do with my information?

A: Information is collected for internal NCC purposes only (such as sending the newsletter and invitations to NCC events). We will not release your individual information to a third party without your permission.


Please continue to send in your questions and concerns to tmcgowan[at] so that we can keep this conversation going. Ideally NCC Membership will give us a stronger sense of community, and, in the long run, the benefits of membership will outweigh any of the risks.

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