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Information Literary Resources: Archival Materials

Project Collaborators

  • Tokiko Yamamoto Bazzell (Coordinator for NCC Information Literacy Resources to March 31, 2006), University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • Dawn Lawson (Coordinator for NCC Information Literacy Resources from April 1, 2006), New York University
  • Yoko Okunishi (Webpage Creation Assistant)
  • Toshie Marra (T-3 Committee Co-chair), University of California, Los Angeles
  • Sachie Noguchi (T-3 Committee Co-chair), Columbia University
  • Kristina Troost (T-3 Committee Co-chair), Duke University
  • Sharon Domier (T-3 Committee Member and T-3 Workshop Instructor), University of Massachusetts
  • Emily Werrell (T-3 Committee Member and T-3 Workshop Instructor), Duke University
  • Ellen Hammond (T-3 Committee Member), Yale University
  • Michael Smitka (Regional Training Network Committee Co-chair), Washington and Lee University
  • Frank Chance (Regional Training Network Committee Co-chair), University of Pennsylvania
  • Robert Felsing (Regional Training Network Committee Member), University of Oregon
  • Laura Miller (Regional Training Network Committee Member), Loyola University of Chicago
  • Brett Walker (Regional Training Network Committee Member), Montana State University

About the NCC's E-Resource Training Initiative (2004-2007)

TNCC's E-Resource Training initiative has began in 2004 with major funding provided by the Japan Foundation. The initiative components include the T-3 (Training the Trainers) Workshops, and the E-Resource Training Workshops offered nationwide, and the creation of the NCC's Information Literacy Resources Portal.

The goals of the E-Resource Training initiative are:

  • To promote greater information literacy among faculty and students in electronic resources in Japanese studies by offering a series of user training workshops
  • To train librarian-instructors to effectively teach faculty and student users of electronic resources
  • To collaboratively prepare instructional and educational materials to be widely shared by both instructors and users of Japanese electronic resources

Past NCC E-Resource Workshops

April 7, 2006 Global ILL Framework Poster Session at Japan Foundation Reception
9:00 to 11:00 pm, Club Room, Marriott Hotel, San Francisco
April 12, 2006 Japan Knowledge Workshops at Librarian of Congress
Two Workshops
April 21, 2006 Global ILL Framework Workshop at ACRL New England Meetings at University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
July 12-13, 2006 Seminar Series on Science, Technology, and Medicine at Library of Congress, with Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
August 16, 2006 The NCC's Information Literacy Portal Site Development: Knowledge Mine for Infomation Literacy, at the Annual Conference of the Pacific Rim Digital Library Alliance, by Tokiko Bazzell, URL:
August 30, 2006 Information Literacy Update and Information Exchange on the NCC's ILR portal, at Tohoku University, by Tokiko Bazzell
September 21, 2006 Symposium on Digital Research using the Gordon W. Prange Collection at University of Maryland;
October 2006 Workshop on Digital Resources for Isolated Scholars given at the Japanese Studies Association of Canada , Thompson River University, Kamloops, British Columbia (Meeting October 12-15, 2006, time and date of workshop TBD)
JSAC Meeting Link
November 3, 2006 Japan Science & Technology Seminar at Harvard
November 6, 2006 Japan Science & Technology Seminar at UCLA
November 17, 2006 Social Sciences Seminar at Harvard (with Hitotsubashi U)
Late November Regional Seminar on Digital Resources at U Washington
December 5-6, 2006 Hawaii Regional Workshop and Hands-On sessions with Yuki Ishimatsu and Tokiko Bazzell
January 11, 2007 Workshop on Digital Resources in Japanese Law at UW
By Robert Britt, Japanese Law Librarian, University of Washington
March 2007 Regional E-Resources Seminar on Digital Resources, including digital maps, and licensing, GIF at University of Florida
Aug 7-9, 2004 T-3 Workshop at University of California, Los Angeles
Emily Werrell and Sharon Domier
Jan 8-10, 2005 T-3 Workshop at Duke University
Emily Werrell and Sharon Domier
Apr 23, 2005 ASIANetwork Workshop at Whittier, California
Instructors: Hitoshi Kamada and Yunshan Ye
Jun 17, 2005 Workshop and Tour at NDL for Meeting of the Japanese Studies in Japan
Instructor/Coordinator: Sharon Domier
Sep 30 and Oct 1, 2005 New York Council on Asian Studies Workshops at SUNY New Paltz
Instructors: Dawn Lawson and Xiuying Zou (with a session for librarians at SUNY New Paltz before the workshop)
Oct 1, 2005 Japan Studies Association of Canada (JSAC) and East Asian Council of the Canadian Asian Studies Association (CASA), at University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Instructors: Tad Suzuki and Tomoko Goto (Co-funding CJAC)
Oct 6, 2005 East Asian Academic Librarians of California Workshops at UCSD
Instructors: Cathy Chiu, Sanae Isozumi, Toshie Marra, and Julie Su
Oct 19, 2005 Hands-On Regional Workshop on Japanese Databases University of Maryland co-organized with LC
Instructors: Kenneth Tanaka and Eiichi Ito
Oct 30, 2005 Hands-On Japanese Electronic Materials Workshop Mid-Atlantic AAS Meeting, University of Pittsburgh
Instructor: Setsuko Noguchi with the assistance of Hiroyuki Good and Xiuying Zou (Co-sponsored by East Asian Library @ Pitt)
Nov 18, 2005 Hands-On Regional Workshop at Michigan State University,
Instructors: Chiaki Sakai and Su Chen
Oct 31 to Nov 11, 2005 Seven Campus Series of Workshops on the Digitized Japanese Maps in the UC Berkeley Collection with Yuki Ishimatsu
  • 10/31 (Mon)
    Workshop at Indiana University with Wen-Ling Liu
  • 11/2 (Wed)
    Workshops at Columbia with Sachie Noguchi and a presentation in Henry Smith's Japanese Bibliography Seminar
  • 11/3 (Thu)
    Workshop at Harvard with Kuniko McVey
  • 11/4 (Fri)
    Workshop at Duke with Kristina Troost
  • 11/7 (Mon)
    Workshop at Cornell with Beth Katzoff
  • 11/9 (Wed)
    Workshop at Yale with Ellen Hammond and Haruko Nakamura
  • 11/11 (Fri)
    Workshop at Princeton with Yasuko Makino
Dec 1, 2005 Society for East Asian Anthropology Workshop at the AAA in Washington DC
Instructors: Yuan Yuan Zeng and Eiichi Ito (SEAA co-funding)
Jan 20, 2006 Southeastern AAS at Emory University
Instructors: Hsi-chu Bolick and Alison Rabb

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