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Information Literary Resources: 10. Japanese Studies Seminar - 1st year grad students

10. Japanese Studies Seminar - 1st year grad students

Training the Trainers Workshop Assignment (September 27, 2004)



Sanae Isozumi ( University of California, San Diego)
Julie Su ( San Diego State University)

Subject of the Lesson

To obtain the basic skills to do bibliographic search; to gain the knowledge on how to locate and retrieve the resources identified (news, journal articles and books).


Japanese Studies Seminar - 1st year graduate students group

Learning Objectives

  • Students will select appropriate online bibliographic tools for their search of news, journal articles and books.
  • Student will be able to search in online catalogs and databases effectively.
  • Student will demonstrate how to use the Boolean operators AND and OR.
  • Student will be able to retrieve the wanted library resources and initiate ILL requests

Note: this lesson addresses ACRL Standards 1, 2, and 3. Of the SAILS Skill Sets, it addresses Sets 3--6, and 9.

Content Outline

( 90 minutes session)

  1. Introduction
  2. Introduce bibliographic search tools for news, journal articles and books
    • Online catalog in US - Roger, Melvyl and Worldcat
    • Online catalog in Japan - Webcat , Waseda University OPAC and NDL-OPAC
    • Journal articles database - MagazinePlus, JSTOR and Expanded Academic
    • Newspaper articles database - LexisNexis and Nikkei Telecom 21
  3. Practice searching skills by using Boolean operators AND and OR
  4. Introduce the process for requesting library materials
    • Using "Request" function in Roger and Melvyl
    • Using ILL services - Global IMF


  1. Explain what materials are covered
  2. Brief description on various bibliographic searching tools for newspaper, journal articles and books
    Individual exercise: Students will locate 3 types (newspaper, journal articles and books) of resources on sample research subjects prepared by an instructor. Students will share their experiences with the class.
  3. Lecture on how to construct a search query by using Boolean operators AND and OR.
    Group exercise: Pair the students. Students will work on exercises to construct effective search query on predefined topics supplied by an instructor. Students report their findings to the class.
  4. Lecture on how to retrieve the materials needed

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