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Hokkaido University: Hokkaido University Museum (総合博物館)


General Information

Facility: Hokkaido University Museum

Kita-10 Jō, Nishi-8, Kita-ku Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0808

Phone: +81-11-706-2395
Email: (Please replace # with @)
6/1-10/31: 9:30-16:30
11/1-5/31: 10:00-16:00
Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday)

About the Museum:

Founded in 1999, the Hokkaido University museum exhibits scientifically significant specimens and historical documents collected since the university's founding in 1876. Since its establishment, the museum has supported the training and education of both its own students and local citizens through regular exhibitions and educational programs.

Resources & Facilities

Summary of Collection(s)

Events and Exhibits

Permanent Exhibition: (Some are under construction)

1st floor

  • History of Hokkaido University- Showcase of Sapporo Agricultural College and the achievements of Dr. Clark
  • Study and Research- current research conducted at the university is exhibited through:
    • Academic perspectives on Earthquakes and Volcanoes.
    • Hokudai ecosystem research, which focuses on forests, agricultural villages, cities, and oceans.
    • Hokudai Life Science Research
    • Humans and Technology
    • Hokudai Research on the Northeast Eurasia Continent.

2nd floor

  • Study and Research continues with:
    • Hokudai book collections
    • Hokudai Marine Research, including discoveries of new types of fishes, and the life of the sea bird.
    • Museum Laboratory for Archaeology, study of the Ohotsuku, オホーツク, civilization, which worshiped the bear, a laboratory display demonstrating such tasks as cleaning artifacts.
    • A Reference room (under construction)

3rd floor

  • Records and samples (fossils, minerals, rocks and the like) for planetary studies are exhibited in the “Records of Research” zone. Fossils of the Nipponosaurus, a large dinosaur, and Desmostylus, a large mammal, are among the notable specimens.


より大きな地図で 北大総合博物館 を表示

How to Use the Facility

Visiting the Museum

Open to the Public

Admission: Free

Taking photo: Photo taking is allowed, but if planning to use the photo, permission from the museum is required.

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