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NCC Outreach Working Group: Getting Started

Getting Started

Subject Guide Instructional Video - how to search the Libguides Community

This video is for researchers wanting to expand their online searches.  Whether you are an independent researcher with no academic library access, at a small college with some research support, or at a large research university with a great department, the Libguides Community can offer more options to further your research. Benefit from a community of experts!

Amy Ledbetter created this video, as NCC's student intern from 2018-2019. She graduated with a Masters in Library and Information Science from Rutgers University in 2019 and now works as a school library media specialist in Hamilton, New Jersey.

Research Support Services

General affiliation procedure (NCC)

Advance planning for your visit in order to use materials held at research institutions in Japan, such as the letter of introduction.

Image Use protocol (NCC)

What to plan for in advance before visiting Japanese institutions (e.g. letter of introduction to use libraries and archives)

Japan Archives Discovery

List of Archives in Japan, searchable through maps

NDL international reference services

Available to overseas institutions of Japanese studies and individuals who study subjects related to Japan

NDL support of Japanese Studies world wide

Introduction to NDL services available to those living outside Japan

North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources
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