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NCC Outreach Working Group: Full-text

Full Text databases

ADEAC (A System of Digitalization and Exhibition for Archive Collections) 

Platform system that provides access to historical materials from various institutions


Aozora Bunko

Digital library for literary works (fiction and non-fiction)


Historiographical Institute, University of Tokyo

Provides access to many databases, including database of the Komonjos and database of Dai Nihon Shiryo


Kobe University Newspaper Clippings Collection

Newspaper article clippings collected from the end of the Meiji era to 1970


Nichibunken Databases

Databases and digital sources that Nichibunken creates and makes available to the public


NDL Digital Collection

The NDL Digital Collections enables a user to search and view a variety of resources, collected and stored by the National Diet Library of Japan


Ritsumeikan Virtual Institute

Resources from Ritsumeikan University's Art Research Center that includes kabuki, ukiyoe, and traditional performing arts material

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