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NCC Outreach Working Group: Nichibunken 日文研

International Research Center for Japanese Studies

The International Research Center for Japanese Studies (Nichibunken) was established as an inter-university research institute in 1987 with the goals of carrying out international, scholarly, and interdisciplinary research on Japanese culture, and providing research support to Japan studies scholars around the world. In that spirit, this library’s mission is to build a wide-ranging collection of bibliographical sources required for the study of Japan and to make those sources available for Japan studies scholars in Japan and overseas to use in their research.

Introduction - Online Tour Guide

*English subtitles available.

ILL & Document Delivery Service

The Nichibunken Library is an OCLC WorldShare ILL participant (IFM payments enabled). Our OCLC symbol is "IRCJS."

Online Use

  • Databases  
    Image archives of the Nichibunken Library collection
  • Publications
    Some academic journals are available in open access.  
    • JapanReview
      Japan Review is the refereed journal published by the International Research Center for Japanese Studies. Japan Review solicits outstanding manuscripts relating to Japan. It also publishes shorter research notes, review articles as well as annotated translations of important texts.
    • 日本研究 Nihon kenkyū
      Nihon kenkyū is a scholarly Japanese-language journal published twice a year by the International Research Center for Japanese Studies. The journal covers research articles, research notes, annotated important texts, and book reviews, all contributing to the advancement of research on Japanese culture. Manuscripts submitted will be refereed before publication.
  • Nichibunken Open Access  
    The repository collects and offers public access to the research results of Nichibunken faculty and other scholars.

Recent News on Japanese Studies & Resources

  • New Arrivals
    • Maruzen Senchu Dezainga Shashin Sukurappucho (『丸善戦中デザイン画写真スクラップ帖』) (Feb. 2024)

...and more


...and more

Notable Collections & Image Databases

  • 怪異・妖怪画像データベース
    Paintings of Strange Phenomena and Yōkai (Ghosts, Monsters, Spirits)
    Database of images of a wide variety of strange phenomena and Yōkai depicted in paintings.
  • 艶本資料データベース
    Ehon (Ukiyo-e Shunga)
    Database of basic bibliographic data and digitized high resolution images of Edo period Ehon (erotic ukiyo-e books) in the Nichibunken collection.
  • 絵巻物データベース
    Emakimono (Picture Scrolls)
    Database of high-resolution digital images of Emakimono (picture scrolls) held at Nichibunken. This database is IIIF-compliant.
  • 所蔵地図データベース
    Nichibunken Map Collection
    Images of old maps in the Nichibunken collection —mainly urban maps made in early modern Japan— are available in digital form.
  • 浪曲SPレコード デジタルアーカイブ
    Rōkyoku (Naniwabushi) Digital Archive
    The archive contains approximately 10,000 standard-playing (SP) records of Rōkyoku (Naniwabushi) songs released from 1903 to the mid-1960s. Database also includes original records, label images, posters, and other Rōkyoku-related materials. Only original sound recordings for which copyright protection has expired are freely available to the public.
*High-resolution images are also available for publication (for a fee) and research (free of charge).


SNS / Outreach

The Newsletter provides the latest information from Nichibunken, including reports on research projects, messages from scholars and fellows, publications, and new appointments.


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