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Kyoto University: Economics Library (大学院経済学研究科・経済学部図書室)


General Information

Library of Graduate School of Economics
and Faculty of Economics
1st Floor, Faculty of Law and Economics North Bldg.,
Yoshidahonmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501
Email: (Please replace # with @)

About the Library:

Founded in 1904, the Economics Library was initially a part of the Faculty of Law, and held materials related to Economics and Management,

In 1919, the library was separated from the law library when the Faculty of Economics became an independent faculty.

The Library holds 526,696 books and 4,100 periodical titles (2,700 in Japanese and 1,400 in Western languages, as of 2008).  There is also an Economic Research Office, which has a collection of statistical materials on postwar economic analysis.

The Library collects not only on all areas of economics and management, but also various informaton materials related to political science, sociology and history.   The Economics library is widely used by university affiliates as well as other scholars from both inside and outside Japan.

Resources & Facilities

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Summary of Collection(s)

Collection Size ( As of 2008):

  • Books: 526,696 volumes
  • Periodicals: 4,100 periodical titles
    • Japanese: 2,700 periodical titles
    • Western Languages: 1,400 periodical titles 

Focus: Management, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, History

Notable Collection(s):

  • Statistical materials on postwar economic analysis (available at Economic Research Office).
  • Takarabe Collection (財部文庫): Information materials held by a Kyoto University Economics Professor Takarabe Seiji 財部靜治. The collection mainly consists of statistics.
  • Ueno Collection (上野文庫): Information materials donated by Ueno Seiichi and Junichi (上野精一, 上野淳一 ), former Asahi Newspaper owners (朝日新聞元社主 Asahi  hinbun moto shashu).  The collection mainly consists of journalism and mass media (26,979 items).
  • Kawakami Collection (河上文庫): Information materials held by Kawakami Hajime (河上肇) Mainly works on economics (2,407 items).

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How to Use the Facility

Using the Library

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