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NCC Outreach Working Group: NDL Resources

National Diet Library (NDL)

NDL provides one of most comprehensive and dependable services for Japan Studies, many of which are publicly accessible. This page presents NDL's useful services and video guides to use them.

Web Resources

国立国会図書館サーチ. NDL Search 国立国会図書館をはじめ、全国の公共・大学・専門図書館、学術研究機関等が提供する資料、デジタルコンテンツを統合的に検索できるシステム

国立国会図書館オンライン  NDL Online 国立国会図書館の所蔵資料及び国立国会図書館で, 利用可能なデジタルコンテンツを検索し、

リサーチ・ナビ   調査のポイントや参考資料、専門室の情報、 便利なデータベースの紹介、使えるwebサイトの案内など、 調べものに役立つ情報を提供するシステム

National Diet Library Digital Collection 国会図書館デジタルコレクション


Japan Search a national platform for aggregating metadata of digital resources of various fields and operated by the National Diet Library, Japan, in cooperation with a variety of organizations in Japan under policies established by the Working Group Steering Committee of the Digital Archives Japan Promotion Committee. Japan Search is linked to 148 databases, and contains 23,599,791 searchable contents as of January 2022.

Digital Shift in NDL

Next Digital Library  As of March 2022, 336,000 titles of books are offered for full-text search and "illustration search."

Oleg Benesch provides an overview of this new research tool. 

NDL Services

NDL Services for Japanese Studies The National Diet Library (NDL) provides services in support of Japanese studies worldwide. This page provides an introduction to NDL services available to those living outside Japan as well as practical information in English for Japanese studies librarians.

Remote services (copying service, ILL, reference)

Registered users are able to enjoy a variety of remote user services, including online copying requests, reading services, and reference services through your nearest library. For further information, please visit the following websites. Please remember, registration is required to use remote services.

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