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[ARCHIVED] Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery: GIF - Japan (A-N)

Guides to locating and requesting Japanese books and articles held elsewhere, including libraries in Japan.

The Global ILL Framework (GIF) Participating Libraries in Japan (A-N)

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Library Name GIF Post-GIF
Aichi Gakuin University Library and Information Center Loan/Copy
Aichi Prefectural University Nagakute Campus Library Loan/Copy
Aichi University of Education Library Copy
Akita University Library Loan/Copy
Asahikawa Medical College Library Loan/Copy
Atomi University Library Niiza Copy
Azabu University Center for Science Information Services Copy
Bukkyo University Library Loan/Copy
Bunkyo University Koshigaya Library Loan/Copy
Bunkyo University Shonan Library Loan/Copy
Chiba University Library Loan/Copy
Chubu University Miura Memorial Library Copy
Doshisha University Library Copy
Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts Library Copy
Ehime University Library Copy Copy
Fukuoka Prefectural University Library Loan/Copy
Fukuoka University of Education Library Loan/Copy
Fukushima University Library Loan/Copy Loan/Copy
Fukuyama City University Library Loan/Copy
Future University Hakodate Media Library Loan/Copy
Gakushuin University Library Loan/Copy Loan/Copy
Gifu University Library Loan/Copy
Gunma University Library Loan/Copy
Hannan University Library Loan/Copy
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization Loan/Copy
Hiroshima Institute of Technology Library Copy
Hiroshima Jogakuin University Library Loan/Copy Loan/Copy
Hiroshima Shudo University Library Loan/Copy Loan/Copy
Hiroshima Univ. Kasumi Library Loan/Copy Loan/Copy
Hiroshima University Library Central Library Loan/Copy Loan/Copy
Hiroshima University Library West Library Loan/Copy
Hitotsubashi University Library Loan/Copy
Hokkaido University Library Loan/Copy Loan/Copy
Hokkaido University of Education Library Loan/Copy
Hyogo University of Teacher Education Library Copy
Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization Library Copy
International Christian University Library Copy
International Research Center for Japanese Studies Library Copy Loan/Copy
International University of Japan Matsushita Library and Information Center Copy
International University of Kagoshima Library Copy
Iwate University Library Copy
Japan College of Social Work Library Copy
Japanese Red Cross Kyushu International College of Nursing Library Loan/Copy
Jobu University Loan/Copy
Joetsu University of Education Library Loan/Copy
Josai University Mizuta Memorial Library Loan/Copy
Kagawa University Library Loan/Copy
Kagoshima University Library Copy Copy
Kanazawa University Library Loan/Copy
Kanazawa University Medical Library Loan/Copy
Kansai University Library Copy Copy
Kanto Gakuin University Library Copy
Kinjo Gakuin University Library Copy Loan/Copy
Kitami Institute of Technology Library Loan/Copy
Kobe College Library Copy
Kobe University Library, Library for Social Sciences Loan/Copy Loan/Copy
Kochi University Library and Information Technology Loan/Copy
Kochi University of Technology Loan/Copy
Kokushikan University Library Copy
Komazawa University Library Loan/Copy
Konan Women's University Library Copy
Kumamoto Health Science University Library Loan/Copy
Kumamoto University Library Copy
Kwansei Gakuin University Library Loan/Copy
Kyoto Institute of Technology Library Copy
Kyoto University Library Loan/Copy Loan/Copy
Kyoto University of Art and Design, Art and Culture Information Center Copy
Kyoto University of Education Library Copy
Kyushu Institute of Technology Library Loan/Copy
Kyushu University Design Library Copy
Kyushu University Library Copy
Kyushu Women's University & Kyushu Women's Junior College Library Copy
Matsumoto Dental University Library Loan/Copy
Matsuyama University Library Copy
Meiji Gakuin University Library Loan/Copy
Meiji University Library Copy Loan/Copy
Mie University Library Loan/Copy
Miyazaki Educational Institution Library Loan/Copy
Muroran Institute of Technology Library Copy
Musashi University Library Loan/Copy
Nagaoka University of Technology Library Loan/Copy Loan/Copy
Nagasaki University Library Loan/Copy
Nagoya Gakuin University Academic Information Center Loan/Copy
Nagoya Institute of Technology Library Loan/Copy Loan/Copy
Nagoya University Library Copy Loan/Copy
Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties Copy
Nara Women's University Library Acadmic Information Center Loan/Copy Loan/Copy
Naruto University of Education Loan/Copy
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies Library Loan/Copy Loan/Copy
National Institute for Environmental Studies Copy
National Institute of Informatics Library Copy
National Institute of Japanese Literature Copy
National Museum of Ethnology. Information and Documentation Center Copy
National Women's Education Center Loan/Copy
Nihon Fukushi University Affiliated Library Copy
Niigata University Library Loan/Copy
Nishikyushu University Library Loan/Copy

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