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Comprehensive Digitization and Discoverability Program: Pilot Cases

Pilot Cases

Pilot Case 1:

Princeton University Library purchased and digitized Shōun Oshō Kobun shinpō no shō 笑雲和尚古文真宝之抄2:

A set of 10 volumes in 13. Keichōban (published 1525). A commentary of canonical prose works, used widely as a textbook in medieval Japan. Edited by Shōun Seizan 笑雲清三 who was a Rinzai monk active in Kyoto and Kamakura. Published by a Kyoto book merchant, using wooden moveable type printing. Red-ink marginalia are shown in many pages which testify to its role in the popularization of classical learning.


Access: In Princeton University Library’s Catalog  


Funded Year: 2014-2015



Pilot Case 2:


Yale University Library purchased and digitized Jūjun kagetsujō 十旬花月帖3:


The original manuscript of Jūjun kagetsujō (1827), as well as the 1883 woodblock print edition of the same title. It is a collection of notes from a trip, including poetry and paintings of places in Kyoto, as well as on the route from Hiroshima to Kyoto, by Rai Kyōhei 頼杏坪, uncle of Rai San’yō 頼山陽, who was a prominent Japanese poet, historian, and artist in the late Edo period. The discovery of this original work was major news among early-modern scholars of Japan Studies. Yale University was able to acquire the manuscript and print edition successfully through a generous MVS grant and digitized them to ensure their discoverability and accessibility.  


Access: In Yale University Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library’s Digital Collection page, here and here.


Funded Year: 2015-2016



Pilot Case 3:


University of California, Berkeley C. V. Starr East Asian Library digitized own holding of Kadenshū 家伝集:


Kadenshū consists of 146 volumes (ca. 3,600 leaves) of hand-written manuscripts produced in the 19th century in Japan. It is a genealogical record of kuge 公家 families, listing birth and death dates, names of parents, and a chronology of appointments and other administrative responsibilities within the imperial court for kugyō 公卿.


Access: In HathiTrust (PDF files downloadable) and in "家伝集" page in "Japanese Special Collections in the C. V. Starr East Asian Library, University of California, Berkeley” digital projects portal hosted by the Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University


Special Feature: In Kamei ichiran 家名一覧 display, Kaden are organized by family status. Kadenshū etsuran 家伝集閲覧 display includes links to 日本古典籍総合目録データベース (国文学研究資料館) and related resources owned by 東京大学史料編纂所3,160 personal names listed in Kadenshū are searchable in Japanese in 家伝集人名検索 database


Funded Year: 2017-2018




Notes: For more information about Kadenshū digitization project, see below:

Pilot Case 4:


University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Library will digitize own holding of Hōrai no makimono 蓬莱巻物:


A scroll of Nara ehon, illustrated manuscripts produced as trousseau books using bright colors. A 16th century vernacular tale about the origins of Mount Hōrai. One of rare items of Yamagiwa Collection, originally assembled by Joseph K. Yamagiwa (1906-1968).


Access: Illinois Library Digital Collections


Funded Year: 2018-2019


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