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Introducing CDDP

Introducing CDDP

With funding for the Multi-volume Set (MVS) project suspended, the NCC formed the Comprehensive Digitization and Discoverability Program (CDDP) task force to determine whether the research materials required by Japan studies scholars are in fact shifting to the digital format and how best to leverage new possibilities. The goal of the task force remains the same as that of the multi-volume set project -- to ensure wide access to difficult-to-acquire, academically valuable materials.  The MVS project was created to level the playing field between wealthy universities with large Japanese collections and institutions with few or no resources. The rise of digitization has in many respects increased these disparities and made the need for collaboration over finding equitable solutions even more pressing. Meeting regularly, the CDDP task force is currently considering various options to rise to the current challenge and anticipate future shifts. 

The objectives of the CDDP are to:

  • Bring to light hidden, academically useful Japan-related materials through digitization

  • Enable more robust use of these items by Japan scholars worldwide

  • Promote collaboration nationally and internationally

  • Foster training in developing digitization projects

  • Help to build an international infrastructure for digitized Japan-related materials

Two areas of focus


The task force is focusing primarily on two areas: digitization and discoverability

In the first, we are considering different options to help support the digitization of hidden collections, the bringing together of complementary online collections, and the creation of a better system for finding relevant digital collections. The task force is actively interviewing experts to determine best steps forward to ease the path toward digitization and eventually create an international infrastructure for Japanese digitized materials.

In the second, training initiatives are being planned to ensure that Japan scholars and librarians have the tools necessary to bring their collections to light in ways that provide users with the greatest possible depth of understanding. The aim here is to ensure that librarians and scholars can take full advantage of the digital format when providing access to digital collections.

Project Timeline


We anticipate the following steps for implementing the proposed new program for digitization/discovery:


2019 Mar-Apr: Digitization/Discovery Grant Task Force collects feedback from the community through surveys, etc.
2019 May: Collected data is evaluated.
2019 Jun- Based on survey feedback, task force sharpens plans for coordinating digitization/discovery program.
2020 Spring Annual meeting presentations published on NCC website, including survey results and two pilot project updates. See Related Presentations tab. 
2020 Summer -Winter Toshiba International Foundation (TIFO) is funding the development of a Resource Library of Presentations introducing cutting edge DH tools and projects, which will be published on the NCC website and publicized on social media on a bi-weekly basis, starting in the fall.


Imagine the possibilities!

The task force would like to hear your comments on these pilot cases and solicit innovative suggestions for future funding possibilities that meet the criteria listed above. Contact the task force members listed above to discuss your ideas!


How You Can Help

How You Can Contribute to the Project:

We seek your participation in developing a global collection of Japanese research materials in digital form! If you wish to get involved with this new initiative, please contact any of the CDDP Task Force members.



Toshie Marra, Librarian for Japanese Collection, UC Berkeley (Chair)

tmarra at berkeley dot edu


Kiyonori Nagasaki, International Institute for Digital Humanities (Advisor)

nagasaki at dhii dot jp


Haruko Nakamura, Librarian for Japanese Studies, Yale University

haruko dot nakamura at yale dot edu


Setsuko Noguchi, Japanese Studies Librarian, Princeton University

snoguchi at princeton dot edu


Fabiano Takashi Rocha, Japan Studies Librarian, University of Toronto (Chair, NCC; Ex-Officio)

fabiano.rocha at








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