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NCC Historical Projects: 2002 NCC Workbook

Electronic Edition of the Workbook of the Junior Japanese Studies Librarians Professional Training Seminar

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Table of Contents To the Electronic Edition of the Workbook of the Junior Japanese Studies Librarians Professional Training Seminar

Collection Development

Principles of Collection Development
   Acquisitions of Library Materials on Japanese Studies

          Sachie Noguchi, University of Pittsburgh

Collection Development Publisher Catalogs
          Kristina Troost, Duke University

Model Collection Development Statement from Princeton University
          Yasuko Makino, Princeton University

 Sample Budget Analysis Report from Duke University
          Kristina Troost, Duke University

 Sample Annual Budget Request from Duke University
          Kristina Troost, Duke University

Ordering and Acquisition of Materials from Japan:
   Overview: Materials in Various Formats, and Issues and Problems with DVDs
          Sachie Noguchi, University of Pittsburgh

Japanese Company Histories
          Katsuko Murahashi (reproduced with permission of the


Fund Raising for Collection Development:

A Basic Guide to Successful Grant-writing for Japanese Studies Librarians
          Victoria Lyon Bestor, NCC

What is a Proposal?
          Eric Gangloff, Executive Director, JUSFC (reproduced with
          permission of the author)

Useful Web Sites of Funders of Japanese Studies and/or Library and Information Technology
          Victoria Lyon Bestor, NCC


Cataloging of Japanese Materials

The Basics of Cataloging Japanese Materials
    Selected Basic Reference Sources for Catalogers

          Hideyuki Morimoto, New York University

Cataloging Monographs and Material in Different Formats
   Selected Cataloging Documents/Manuals

   Session Syllabus with Exercises

          Hideyuki Morimoto, New York University

Cataloging Serials and Multi-volume Sets
   Principles of Serials Cataloging

          Eddy Harrison, University of Washington

Cataloging Examples, Serial Issues and Catalog Records
          Eddy Harrison, University of Washington

Subject Cataloging
      Kio Kanda, Library of Congress


Reference Resources and Services for Japanese Studies

General References for Japanese Studies
          Yasuko Makino, Princeton University

Reference Resources for Literature
          Kuniko Yamada McVey,
Harvard University

Historical Reference Materials
          Kristina Troost, Duke University

Reference Materials for Art and Art History
          Yasuko Makino, Princeton University

Social Science References Resources
          Ellen Hammond, Yale University

Providing Reference Services for Religious Studies
          Mihoko Miki, Columbia University

Using Grey Literature
          Kazuko Sakaguchi, Documentation Center on Contemporary Japan, Harvard University

Accessing Japanese Government Documents
          (reprinted with permission of the author) by
          Tokiko Yamamoto Bazzell, American University Library


Electronic Resources and Computing Technology

Key web sites for Japanese Studies
          Keiko Higuchi, International House of Japan

New services from the National Diet Library
          Noriko Nakamura and Miho Shinohara, National Diet Library

Facilitating Access to Newspaper Information 
         Ayuko Yokota, Nikkei America, New York
         Sharon Domier, University of Massachusetts, Amherst       

Accessing commercial databases; MagazinePlus and other databases
          Yoko Hirose, Nichigai Associates

Computing and Technology Issues
      Eddy Harrison, University of Washington and Kristina Troost, Duke University 


Materials for Bibliographic Instruction

Course Syllabus and Schedule for Introduction to Japanese Reference and Bibliography
          Stephen Forrest, University of Massachusetts

Recommended Readings for Bibliographic Instruction
          Sharon Domier, University of Massachusetts

Princeton University Materials for Bibliographic Instruction
    Basic Reference Works for Japanese Studies: Princeton
compiled by Martin J. Heijdra, Princeton University

Japanese Graduate Guide
          Yasuko Makino, Princeton University

Thoughts on Teaching Japanese Bibliography/Research Methods Courses
          Ellen Hammond, Yale University

Selected Libraries in Japan
          Keiko Higuchi, International House of Japan


Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery

ILL Venues for Japanese Studies in North America
          Sachie Noguchi, University of Pennsylvania


Unless otherwise noted all materials contained in this workbook were produced for The Junior Japanese Studies Librarians Professional Training Seminar Organized by the NCC and offered in August 2002 at Harvard University Major funding for the Seminar was provided by the Japan Foundation, the Northeast Asia Council of the AAS, and the Reischauer Institute of Japanese at Harvard University which co-sponsored the Seminar in conjunction with the Harvard-Yenching Library.

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