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NCC Historical Projects: Waseda University

Japan Project Agreement with Waseda University


Date: September 30, 1998
Subject: Association of Research Libraries Japan Project
Parties: Association of Research Libraries Japan Project participants
Waseda University

Start date

The Japan Project of ARL with Waseda University Library will start ILL service from November 16, 1998.

Project participants

The participating libraries of the project in North America at the first stage are listed at
The University of California at Berkeley will participate only in serial article photocopy.
The Center for Research Libraries will participate only as a lending library.

Scope of material for service: returnable and non-returnable materials

Material for service in the Project at the first stage will include:

  • books (excluding books which are non-circulating by library policy, e.g., rare books, reference items, etc.) as "returnables"
  • serial articles (including newspaper articles) as "non-returnables"

Shipment of returnables

Returnables should be mailed in both directions by "airmail printed matter" or courier service. All materials should be packaged securely so that materials will not be damaged in transit.


Lending arrangements should be reciprocal. If a U.S. library does not lend internationally, Waseda University Library is not obligated to lend to that library.

Review of agreement

The Project Coordinator will ask all the participating libraries to review at six and twelve months their Project ILL traffic and the balance of borrowing and lending to see whether any changes need to be made in the procedures. The Project Coordinator will report the results of reviews to all participating libraries and advise necessary changes to the Project.


In order to assist in the review, Project participants are asked to keep track of the number of items borrowed and loaned for both "returnables" and non-returnables." Problems arising during the Project should be reported immediately to the Project Coordinator so they can be solved as part of the work of the Project.

Use of OCLC, OCLC’s IFM, and Ariel

All first round participants will use OCLC’s ILL system and its ILL Fee Management service for borrowing and lending. Participants will use RLG’s Ariel system to send and receive photocopies.

Lending fees and recalls

In general, local policies should be followed, including the application of the usual charges for ILL transactions.
Should loaned items be needed by a local user, they can be recalled. However, ILL staff should keep in mind that it may provide better service for both the local user and the user at the borrowing library to request the item from another library rather than to do a recall. We are trying to avoid the creation of special procedures and/or handling which disrupt the efficiencies of ILL units and to rely on the good judgement and experience of participants to make the Project work well for both sides.

Agreement signed by:
Dorothy D. Gregor, [then] NCC Director
Norio Okazawa, Waseda University Library Director

Waseda University Document Delivery Project

The Waseda University Document Delivery Project was the first major interlibrary loan and document delivery project (ILL/DD) coordinated by the AAU/ARL/NCC Japan Project. Beginning in 1998 the Waseda initiative has flourished, becoming completely independent of the Japan Project in 2003 as is the goal for all Japan Project initiatives. The Waseda Project is particularly popular with ILL librarians who do not read Japanese because all of Waseda University's records are fully contained in OCLC's system so there are no language barriers to viewing the catalog, to making ILL requests, or to paying fees.

The Waseda Project is now fully independent of the Japan Project operating without external funding or logistical support from the Japan Project. The Waseda Project continues to be popular among Japanese Studies faculty, students and librarians, and ILL librarians alike with a sustained user base that continues to grow. Waseda University's OPAC is available at and can be viewed in English or Japanese.

Last updated January 2004

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