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Subject Guides Portal: Finding Aids

A hub for Japan-related research and study guides sorted by academic discipline.

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This guide connects you to other information agencies. Along with its closely reated siblings, the Finding Aids Guide and the Research & Access Guide, will greatly expand the scope of what is findable through the internet.

  • Find Books -- and also eBooks. Includes Online Library Catalogs and information on the Japanese publishing industry.
  • Find Libraries -- in Japan AND North America.
  • Find Museums, Archives, and Special Collections -- Try these resources for special, narrow topics.
  • Find Organizations, Reserach Institutes, and Think Tanks -- Discover organizations outside mainstream academia important to Japanese Studies.
  • Find Everything Else -- For anything not easy to classify into the above categories.

Find Books

Find Libraries

Find Museums, Archives, and Special Collections

Find Organizations, Research Institutes, and Think Tanks

Find Everything Else

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