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Subject Guides Portal: History

A hub for Japan-related research and study guides sorted by academic discipline.

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General History  |  Modern History  |  Pre-Meiji & Premodern History  |  War & US Occupation

The breadth of topics covered under 'History' is diverse. While major events like the Meiji Restoration or World War II may hold the attenion of historians, the minutae of every day life or individual people can be just as compelling, and especially difficult to find for research. These guides typically take a 'big picture' approach to historical research. While other pages in the portal may offer more detailed information on specific topics. For example, if researching women in literature from the Edo era, check the Gender & Sexuality section of the Social Sciences guide.

  • General History -- These guides often have diverse subsets of information on particular moments in Japanese History.
  • Modern History -- The Meiji Restoration of 1868 is considered the beginning of Japan's modern era.
  • Pre-Meiji & Premodern HIstory -- Any of Japan's other major historical era's are covered here.
  • War & US Occupation -- Currently these guides focus on World War II

General History

Modern History -- 1868 onward

Pre-Meiji & Premodern History

War & US Occupation

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