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Subject Guides Portal: The Arts

A hub for Japan-related research and study guides sorted by academic discipline.


Art & Art History | Film & Documentary | Performing Arts

The internet makes instant access possible to view paintings, scrolls, and other visual materials. However, the need for appropriate dictionaries, art catalogues, and previous research & analysis from academic journals are still the foundations of research. Also consider looking in the Visual Resources section in Guides by Format. Most actual pieces of art, or recordings thereof, can be considered primary resources.

  • Art & Art History -- These guides will often have information on special art collections in the hosting institution's archives. Discover the bibliographic resources essential to researching artists, their work, and interpretations thereof.
  • Film & Documentary -- Many cinematic productions remain difficult to access because of copyright, and cannot be freely disseminated digitally. Cinema is a relatively young field, and most creative endeavors are not yet in the public domain.
  • Perfoming Arts -- Find out where to research Noh, Kabuki, and other forms of traditional Japanese theater.
  • Visual Resources -- This is another NCC guide located here.

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Performing Arts

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