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A hub for Japan-related research and study guides sorted by academic discipline.

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General guides are divided into one of the five categories above, though all of them share these qualities to some extent. Browsing these guides will uncover the diverse array of resources available. Many have their own subpages cross-referenced throughout the various subject guides.

  • Comprehensive Guides -- compared to other guides, they are rich in a variety of topics and have a large amount of content.
  • Research Process -- provides advice for conducting research and is informative on new technology to help the process.
  • Type of Information Source -- guides that focus on locating information based on its medium: journals, microform, digital formats, etc.
  • Subject Specific Information Source -- distinguished by content being divided by academic discipline
  • Other -- guides that don't quite fit into any of the previous categories but that offer helpful, and sometimes unique content.

Guides with comprehensive scope

Guides emphasizing the research process

Guides emphasizing the type of information source

Guides with an emphasis on subject specific information sources

Other Guides

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