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Japanese Digital Resources: Indexes

*Currently on Hold* This guide is a directory of digital resources vendors and agents in Japan prepared by the Digital Resources Committee of the North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources, the NCC.

Note from the current co-chairs

The content on this page is outdated, but we retain it for its potential continued value. 

Index Databases

Database Name Publisher Group Subscription Registration & Full Text Access Scope
  Zasshi Kiji Sakuin
  National Diet Library (ND)
  Free personal or institutional registration necessary to order document delivery online with a credit card. 21,351 academic periodicals covering all subjects since 1948* to present (10,988 current; 10,363 ceased), mostly in Japanese and some English journals published in Japan (as of July   2013).
  CiNii Articles   National Institute of   Informatics (NII)
  Personal and institutional subscription required for access to additional full texts. Pay-per-view option is also available for some contents.

Over 15 million articles are indexed. Among those, 4 million articles are available online (as of May   2012).

  Zasshi Kiji Sakuin Shusei Database
Available   13,087,611 records (as of July   2013). Covers Meiji, Taisho, Showa to the present day.
  MagazinPlus   Nichigai Associates
    24,806 journal titles and 13,123 books are indexed and 12 million records included. Some indexes in MagazinPlus covers periodicals published as early as in 1920 (as of July 2013).
  Web OYA-bunko   Oya Soichi Bunko
Available   Popular magazines published since 1988 and held by Oya Soichi Bunko. As of April 2012, 3.5 million records are available. Pre 1987 data from "Oya Soichi Bunko Zasshi Kiji Sakuin Somokuroku" is now searchable.
  20-seiki Media Joho Database
  Institute of Intelligence Studies,
  NPO 法人 インテリジェンス研究所
    Indexed newspaper and periodical titles published during the Occupation (1945-1949) from the Prange Collection. Over 3.2 million records are included.


Updated: 8/13/2013

Zasshi kiji sakuin (Free)

National Diet Library, Japanese Periodicals Index(国立国会図書館雑誌記事索引, Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan Zasshi Kiji Sakuin)   Go to search screen.

Database publisher: National Diet Library 

The National Diet Library indexes selected journals published in Japan. The content of this index database is also available via NII's CiNii, Koseisha zasshi kiji sakuin shusei database, and NICHIGAI's MagazinPlus.

As of July 2013, 21,351 academic periodicals covering all subjects since 1948* to present (10,988 current; 10,363 ceased), mostly in Japanese and some English journals published in Japan. A complete list of journals covered is available at

Registered users may place document delivery orders online with a credit card: Photoduplication service

Available features: RefWorks compatible, RSS feed


CiNii (Free search and content + Additional content for fee)

About CiNii Articles in English.   Go to search screen.

Agents: Japan Publications Trading Co., Ltd.; Kinokuniya Bookstores of America Co., Ltd.

Index to Japanese materials provided by the National Institute of Informatics (NII) consisting of nearly 15 million citations to articles from scholarly journals, magazines, and university bulletins. 

Main databases included in CiNii Articles:

  1. Electronic Library Service Academic Society Journals (National Institute of Informatics)
  2. Electronic Library Service Research Bulletins (joint input from each university)
  3. Citation Database for Japanese Publications (National Institute of Informatics)
  4. Zasshi Kiji Sakuin (National Diet Library)
  5. Institutional Repository (Universities, etc.)   JAIRO - Japanese Institutional Repositories Online
  6. J-STAGE Journal@rchive (Japan Science and Technology Agency)

The index of CiNii can be searched free of charge, and full text is also available free of charge for about one-quarter of its contents. Annual subscription and pay-per-view purchase options are also available for additional contents.

Update frequency: Weekly

Citation tool compatibility: See FAQ 7.1

Alert service availability: See FAQ 7.5  

Single subscription stats: Available upon request

Updated: 7/29/2013

JAIRO (Free)

About JAIRO - Japanese Institutional Repositories Online in Japanese.   Go to search screen.

Japanese Institutional Repositories Online, is an index of over 1 million journal articles, dissertations, departmental bulletins, etc, with links to the full text of more than three-quarters of them.

Koseisha zasshi kiji sakuin shusei database (Commercial)

About Koseisha zasshi kiji sakuin shusei database  皓星社雑誌記事索引集成データベース  in Japanese.

Agent: Japan Publications Trading Co., Ltd., Maruzen International Co. Ltd.

Journal index including coverage of publications from the Meiji, Taisho, and early Showa periods. Based on Koseisha's print index, Meiji, Taisho, Showa Zenki Zasshi Kiji Sakuin Shusei (120 vols).

 Kosaisha Zasshi Kiji Sakuin Shusei Database covers:

  1. Zasshi Kiji Sakuin (National Diet Library)
  2. Data based on print index, "Meiji, Taisho, Showa shoki zasshi kiji sakuin shusei (120 volumes)"
  3. Local publications not indexed in other databases.

Search results link to NDL OPAC and to NII's WebCat.

Single subscription stats: Downloadable from Admin page.

Updated: 7/29/2013

MagazinePlus (Commercial)

About MagazinePlus in Japanese and in English.

Database publisher: Nichigai Associates, Inc.

Agents: Japan Publications Trading Co., Ltd., Kinokuniya Company Ltd., Swets Information Services.

Trial: Available. Use request form at

Group subscription: Available for consortia for universities (4 universities and over)

Personal subscription: Available

Available subscription models: Personal Licesce; Corporation License; Site License; Multi- Site License; Public Library License; FTE License.

Contract: English contract is not available. NISO SERU Guideline is not applicable

Part of NICHIGAI/WEB Service for journal article citations, MagazinePlus is an index of scholarly journals published after 1945; popular and general magazines published after 1981; festschrifts; symposia; and speeches. As of July 2013, 24,806 journal titles and 13,123 books are indexed and 12 million records are included.

MagazinPlus covers the following databases:

#1 NDL Zasshi Kiji Sakuin (1946- )
#2 Journal Index (1981-2003)
#3 JOINT  (Keizai Bunken Kenkyukai) (1981-1995)
#4 Gakkai nenpo, kenkyu hokoku ronbun soran" (1945- )
#5 "Ronbun naiyo saimoku soran" (1945-2008)
#6 "Rekishigaku kiyo ronbun soran" (1920-2006)
#7 General, popular, and business magazines (2003- )
#8 KSK (Kikai Shinko Kyokai) (1985-2005)
#9 Think Tank (2000- )
#10 Chihoshi Bunken Nenkan (Iwata Shoin) (1997- )
#11 Tokyo Keizai (1997- )
#12 "Bungei zasshi shosetsu hatsushutu soran" (1945-2005)
#13 "Bungei zasshi naiyo saimoku soran. Sengo ritoru magajin hen" (1945-1979)
#14 "Dai Toa Senso shoshi" (1937-1944)
#15 "Tantei zasshi mokuji soran" (1922-1964)
#16 現"Gendai shishi soran" (1921-1946)
#17 戦後詩誌総覧 (1931-1975)

List of journals, magazines, etc. covered:

Difference from similar products: MagazinePlus contains a lot of unique files, which serve as a complement to NDL Zasshi Kiji Sakuin.It is particularly rich in general magazines.

Price plans: Personal License  18,000 yen / Corporation License 87,000 yen / Site License 139,500 yen / Multi- Site License 200,700  yen / Public Library License 107,400 yen / FTE License (* separate estimate)

Update frequency: Weekly

Citation tool compatibility: RefWorks

Tablet compatibility: No

Usage statistics: Available for Group Subscription

Updated: 3/24/2014

BookPlus (Commercial)

About BookPlus in Japanese.

Agents: Japan Publications Trading Co., Ltd., Kinokuniya Bookstores of America Co., Ltd.

Part of NICHIGAI/WEB Service. BookPlus contains entries on books published after 1926 to the present, often including tables of contents, abstracts, and/or author information. Includes out of print and not for sale titles. As of Feb. 2012, 4 million records included.

Update frequency: Daily

Updated: 7/29/2013

Web-OYA Bunko (Commercial)

About Web-OYA Bunko in Japanese.

Agent: Kinokuniya Bookstores of America Co., Ltd.

Index to articles in popular magazines published since 1988 and held by Oya Soichi Bunko, a private library collection that continues to be developed based on the personal library of the late journalist Oya Soichi. About 1,200 titles (400 current) have been indexed with 3.5 citations. Approximately 3,000 records are added weekly.

Update frequency: 3 times per week

Single subscription stats: Available upon request

Updated: 7/29/2013

20-seiki Media Joho Database (Commercial)

About 20-seiki Media Joho Database 20世紀メディア情報データベース in Japanese.   Go to search screen.

Agent: Bunsei Shoin

Previously known as Senryoki shinbun zasshi joho database 占領期新聞雑誌情報データベース. Now the free version only displays first 5 search results.

The database covers newspaper and periodical titles published in Japan during the Occupation period (1945-1949). Those publications are in the Prange Collection, originally belonged to the Civil Censorship Detachment, a unit within GHQ, which covers a wide range of subjects: politics, economics, sociology, education, history, philosophy, religion, art, language, literature, etc.

Updated: 7/29/2013

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