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[ARCHIVED] Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery: Step 1

Guides to locating and requesting Japanese books and articles held elsewhere, including libraries in Japan.

Step 1: Search Library Collection in North America (How to Make Successful ILL/DD Requests by WorldCat)

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The Database You Need to Use: WorldCat

*Please check if your local library subscribe to WorldCat Database.  You can also use the Free WorldCat Database Public Version for your search.

 Why WorldCat?

  • WorldCat database, a combined library catalog which covers the collections of more than 10,000 libraries in the world, is an essential part of ILL/DD transactions in North America.  ILL/DD staff will search WorldCat and identify the holding libraries of the requested materials.  (A few Japanese Libraries also use this WorldCat database to do ILL/DD transactions with North America.

Hints for Using WorldCat to Make Your ILL/DD Requests

  •  PROVIDING THE ACCURATE BIBLIOGRAPHIC INFORMATION is the most essential to make your ILL/DD requests successful. In addition, if you could identify the material you are looking for in WorldCat and include the accession number  in your ILL/DD request, it would be very helpful for ILL/DD staff to promptly process your request. 
  • If the bibliographic information in your ILL/DD request is inaccurate or incomplete, ILL/DD staff will have a very difficult time to process your request.  For example, these requests prevent ILL/DD staff from promptly finding proper records in WorldCat: 

NG: Citation is in Japanese only

NG: Citation does not use the standard Romanization system (Modified Hepburn) 


What Makes Your ILL/DD Requests More Successful?

  •         Provide ACCURATE bibliographic information as much as possible:

o   Author, title (article title, journal title), edition, publisher, publication date, etc.

o   NG: Tanizaki, Jun’ichirō Tanizaki Junichiro

  •          Include OCLC’s “accession number” (also called “OCLC number”) in your request. If you are requesting journal articles, include the accession number of the journal.
  •          Click here to find the OCLC number in the WorldCat record 
  •         Click here to find the sample form of an ILL request. 

If you Cannot Find the Materials You Are Looking for in WorldCat, GO TO: Step 2: Search Library Collection in Japan (How to Make Successful ILL/DD Requests via GIF Program)

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