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Curated Archives: 2004/05 Train the Trainers (T-3) Workshops

Welcome to the Training the Trainers (T-3) Homepage

  • The Goals of the T-3 Workshop Series
  • T-3 Workshop Application Guidelines
  • T-3 Application Form
  • T-3 Project Proposal

For further information contact NCC Executive Director Victoria Bestor at

Generous funding for the T-3 Workshops has been provided by the Japan Foundation, the Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies and Harvard University. These Workshops are co-sponsored by the UCLA Library, Duke University's program in Asian/Pacific International Studies (APSI) and the Perkins Library System

The Goals of the Training the Trainers (T-3) Workshop Series

The NCC's T-3 Planning Committee met at the Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard University May 14-16, 2004 to determine application procedures and to finalize the goals of the T-3 Workshops which will take place at UCLA August 7-9, 2004 and at Duke University January 8-10, 2005.

An Outline of the Goals for the T-3 Workshop Series

  1. Theoretical Background
        Information Literacy
        Learning Theory
  2. Program Development
        Delivery Methods (examples from the classroom, tutorials,
        web pages, hand-outs)
        Assessment (Teaching and Student Learning)
        Program Publicity and Outreach to Faculty,
        Departments and Institutes
  3. Teaching Techniques
        Presentation Skills
        Classroom Management
        Student Learning
        Different Learning Styles
        Teaching Tools, such as Active Learning Techniques
        Lesson Planning and Design
  4. Applying Information Literacy Principles to Japanese Studies
        Japanese Specific Techniques
        Techniques for Teaching Students with Different
        Language Abilities
        Discipline Specific Approaches
        Special Needs of Japanese Studies Graduate
        Students and Faculty
        Fostering Self-Sufficiency for Isolated Scholars

Those wishing to apply for one of the two T-3 Workshops should visit T-3 Workshop Application Guidelines for further details and a copy of the application form. For a copy of the T-3 Proposal to the Japan Foundation please visit T3 Project Proposal, and to ask further questions please contact NCC Executive Director Victoria Bestor, NCC Chair Toshie Marra or Kristina Troost.

The T-3 Workshop Series is made possible by a generous grant from the Japan Foundation, additional support has been provided by the Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard University, the UCLA Library, Duke University's Asian/Pacific International Studies Program and its Perkins Library System.

T3 Application Form

(Please use this as a template for providing all requested data in whatever detail necessary)

Applicant's Name:

Mailing Address:

Telephone Number(s):

Fax Number(s):

E-mail Address(s):

Please indicate which Workshop you are applying for:

August 7, 8 & 9, 2004 at UCLA ____
January 8, 9 & 10, 2005 at Duke University____
If you are potentially able to attend either workshop please indicate here _____

Please attach an electronic copy of your resume.

If you wish to apply to the NCC for a Travel Grant, please estimate the amount of travel support you will need. Travel funds from the NCC will be limited and applicants should also seek support from their home institution.

Seminar trainees will be housed in double-occupancy facilities. To assist the NCC in planning for room assignments please note your gender, smoking habits, and any characteristics that might aid in room assignments.

Training the Trainers (T-3) Workshop Series

Workshop Application

The North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources welcomes applications for one of the two Training the Trainers (T-3) Workshops to take place August 7, 8, & 9 2004 at UCLA and January 8, 9, & 10, 2005 at Duke University which are co-sponsoring the workshops.

The Training the Trainers (T-3) Workshops are part of the NCC's ongoing series of training initiatives and begin a new multi-year effort to offer hands-on training in digital resources to faculty and students in all regions of the country.

The T-3 Workshops will provide specialized training to librarian-instructors on the best practices for offering instruction to faculty and student users of electronic materials for teaching and research in Japanese Studies. This training will also begin the process of developing a set of desired outcomes for information literacy in Japanese Studies.

Who should apply: Japanese and East Asian Studies Librarians who have responsibility for providing public service and instruction to faculty and students who use Japanese materials, or those who wish to learn the techniques for offering such instruction. Trainees from the T-3 Workshops will be expected to offer training or to develop instructional materials in the future through the regional training network being developed by the NCC. Future training may be offered at their home institutions or as part of co-sponsored workshops in cooperation with regional AAS Meetings, and Japanese Studies Conferences and Seminars.

The lead instructors for the T-3 Workshops will be Sharon Domier, East Asian Studies Librarian, University of Massachusetts Amherst and Emily Werrell, Coordinator of Instruction and Outreach for Duke University's Perkins Library System.

The two-day workshops will focus on information literacy and effective teaching techniques. Participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of information literacy in the context of Japanese Studies;
  • Be introduced to program development for information literacy;
  • Learn about teaching and learning styles, and various instructional methods;
  • Create lesson plans focused on using key information literacy concepts such as determining information needs, accessing information effectively, evaluating sources critically, and understanding the appropriate uses of information, and will;
  • Offer short lessons with an opportunity to receive individual feedback from core instructors.

The workshop structure will be intensive and will include an orientation dinner on Saturday evening followed by a roundtable, and two full days of sessions that include working lunches and dinners. Trainees will be expected to participate actively. Please plan to stay three nights (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) and to arrive in time for the orientation dinner on Saturday. Further details of the schedule will be sent to participants upon admission.

Enrollment is limited to insure optimal opportunity for each trainee.

The workshops are supported by generous funding from the Japan Foundation, the Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard University, UCLA Library, Duke University's Asian/Pacific Studies Institute (APSI) and Perkins Library. Travel grants and other possible support for trainees are outlined in Applying for Financial Support, below. The NCC will cover hotel rooms (double occupancy) and most meals. Partial travel grants will be available to qualified applicants who need such support.

Completed applications with all supporting documents must be sent electronically by June 7, 2004, to NCC Executive Director Victoria Bestor at Notification will be made to successful candidates by June 18, 2004 and they must confirm their enrollment by June 30th, 2004. For further information visit the NCC's web site at, or contact NCC Executive Director Victoria Bestor and/or consult NCC Chair Toshie Marra at or Kristina Troost at

Qualifications and Application Guidelines

The NCC's T-3 Workshop is open to all qualified librarians currently working in a Japan-related position (or those interested and qualified to do so) within an academic institution or research library. Applicants should possess at least a master's degree in library or information science (MLS-MIS) or its equivalent and/or an advanced degree in Japanese Studies. The workshop will be conducted in English although the subject matter of the lesson plans will be in Japanese, therefore a high degree of fluency in both languages is needed. Preference will be given to librarians who provide public service.

The NCC expects to offer future Training the Trainers Workshops as needed in years to come. During the first year an effort will be made to offer training to the broadest possible range of librarians from various regions of the country, sizes of institutions, and types of collections. Due to budget limitations we encourage candidates to attend the workshop offered in the institution closest to their home institution to save on travel costs. Limited financial aid will be available to all applicants however trainees are strongly encouraged to seek travel support from their home institutions.

Application Materials and Deadlines

  • Applicants must complete the application form.
  • A one-page statement in English which describes any experience in offering library instruction to faculty and student users, and outlines areas in which further training will better equip the applicant to serve the professional and research needs of faculty and student patrons at his/her home institutions is required.
  • At the Workshop, each trainee will be expected to offer a sample lesson using Japan-related digital resources. Each applicant is asked to send a brief prioritized list of the resources they would most like to present. Upon confirmation of enrollment, participants will receive their assignments.
  • Completed applications must be sent electronically to the NCC by 5 pm EDT on June 7, 2004 with all supporting documents (to
  • Notification will be made to successful candidates by June 18, 2004.
  • Confirmation of enrollment must be accompanied by a letter of support from the trainee's supervisor along with a non-refundable $25 registration fee (payable to the NCC) by June 30, 2004.

Applying for Financial Support

Generous funding from the Japan Foundation and Harvard's Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies will cover the costs of presenting the workshops, that support will enable the NCC to cover hotel rooms (double occupancy) and most accommodation expenses. The workshop format will incorporate working lunches and dinners. Partial travel grants will be available to qualified applicants who need such support. Those who wish to apply for grants are required to seek support from their home institutions or other supplemental sources and to provide an estimate of their needed travel expenses as part of their application. The level of funding available may be adequate for most regional domestic transportation.

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