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About Duke University:

Originally founded as a subscription school in 1838, Duke University went through multiple names before becoming Duke University in 1924. Today Duke University is regarded as the leading private university in the American South with strengths in many areas, including on the athletic field.  


Institution: Duke University
Founded: 1838
Type: private university
Location: Durham, NC

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Japanese Studies

Duke University's faculty and professional staff in Japan-related positions teach students in the followihg areas.

Undergraduate Studies

  • B.A. offered in Asian/Middle Eastern Studies with a major in Japanese.
  • A minor in Japanese is also available.
  • Japan-related courses are also taught in the following departments: art, art history, business, cultural anthropology, economics, history, international comparative studies, law, literature, political science, religion, and sociology.
  • For more information on applying to the undergraduate program at Duke, please visit their Undergraduate Admissions page.

Graduate Studies

  • M.A. in East Asian Studies is offered by the Asian/Pacific Studies Institute.
  • Ph.D.s are offered in the Cultural Anthropology, Art and Art History, Religion, and History Departments.
  • Students interested in a Ph.D. in other disciplines with a focus on Japan should consult the webpages of individual departments.
  • For more information on applying to the graduate program at Duke, please visit their Graduate Admissions page.

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