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University of British Columbia


About the University of British Columbia:

Established in 1908, the University of British Columbia is one of Canada's and the world's leading research universities. The University has two main campuses: the main Vancouver Campus and the Okanagan Campus.

The main campus in Vancouver has six separate libraries and one off-campus library. The Okanagan campus has one main library.


Institution: University of British Columbia
Founded: 1908
Type: National university
Locations: Vancouver and Kelowna, B.C.

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Other Programs of Interest

Founded in 1978, the IAR oversees a variety of Asia-related research and teaching in policy-relevant issues across Asia.

Established as one of the five regional centers under the Institute of Asian Research, the CJR promotes research on a wide variety of Japan-related topics. The CJR also presents a series of seminars hosted by both visitors to the CJR and University of British Columbia faculty members.

The Institute of Asian Research, located on the main Vancouver campus, established in 2003 an Asia Pacific Business and Economic Policy Research unit to promote research on issues of the economic transformation and development of Asian countries among researchers and graduate students from the institute. Further information and current details available at the link above.

The Institute of Asian Research recently launched the second phase of this program, entitled "Understanding Coordinated Compliance with International Trade and Human Rights Standards in Comparative Perspectives." This second phase supports a fully integrated program of research, student training, knowledge transfer activities, publications, and more. Further information can be found at the link above.

The intensive, 12-month program for teacher candidates, located on the main Vancouver campus, offers a secondary school specialization, which prepare the students methodologically to teach one or two subject specializations, including Japanese. Further information on the secondary option and its potential subject specializations is available at the link above.

A Bachelor's in the Cultural Studies department on the Okanagan campus combines courses from both the Humanities and Social Sciences departments. The program focuses on popular culture in North America, but can also include Japanese culture. A MA or PhD in this department is actually located within the Interdisciplanary Graduate Studies Program.

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