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About Rissho University:

Founded in 1580, Rissho University (立正大学 Risshō daigaku) is one of the oldest universities in Japan.  The origin of the university was an educational institution for the Nichiren sect monks.  The university's name came from "Rissho ankokuron (立正安国論)," a thesis written by Nichiren, a prominent Buddhist priest of the Kamakura period and founder of the Nichiren sect.

Since its opening as a modern educational institution in 1872, Rissho University has become a university where approximately 11,900 students are enrolled. It has 9 faculties: Buddhist Studies, Letters, Economics, Business Administration, Law, Social Welfare, Geo-Environment Science, Psychology,  Data Science.  It has 7 graduate schools: Humanities and Sociology, Economics, Business Administration, Law, Social Welfare, Geo-Environment Science and Psychology.

Rissho University has 2 campuses: the Shinagawa campus located in Shinagawa-ward, Tokyo and the Kumagaya campus located in Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture, approximately 60 km northwest of Tokyo.


Institution: Rissho University
Founded: 1580
Type: Private University
Location: Shinagawa, Tokyo

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