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Rissho University: Kumagaya Library (熊谷図書館)


General Information

Kumagaya Library
1700 Magechi Kumagaya, Saitama 360-0194
Sunday, National Holidays

About the Kumagaya Library:

The library holds library materials related to the fields of natural science and social science, available in monograph form or audio-visual formats, such as a CDs or DVDs.  In addition, The library also features Tanaka Keiji Bunko (田中啓爾文庫), which consists of a variety of books, including Japanese binding (和装本 Wasōbon) and old maps from the Edo period.

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Resources & Facilities

Summary of Collection(s)

Collection Size (As of March, 2018):

  • Books: 283,844 volumes
    • Japanese books: 241,370 volumes
    • Non Japanese books: 42,474 volumes
  • Periodicals: 37,092 volume(bound)
    • Japanese: 28,973 volumes
    • Non Japanese: 8,119 volumes

Focus: Natural Science, Social Science

Notable Collection(s):

  • Tanaka Keiji Collection (田中啓爾文庫): Geographic materials donated by Tanaka Keiji (田中啓爾), one of the most notable geographers in Japan and also a Rissho University professor. The collection consists of Japanese bound books from the Edo period, geography related books from the pre-war era, old maps, etc.  The materials were collected by professor Tanaka when he visited China and the Korean Peninsula before World War II, when he studied in the United States and Europe, and when he visited several map exhibitions and antiquarian bookshops.  They include "長崎阿蘭陀屋敷図" - a map of the Dutch settlement in Nagasaki and "長崎阿蘭陀船出島絵巻" - a picture scroll of the Dutch ships at Nagasaki Dejima, which is believed to be a draft of "蛮館図" held by the National Library of France (about 14,000 items).

Note: The Guide uses the ALA/LC standard romanization, however, it also reflects different romanization system used by an individual institution.

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How to Use the Facility

Using the Library

Prior to the Visit: Advance Inquiry and Preparation Required

        For affiliates from other universities:

  • Please verify the desired material is available by using their OPAC.
  • Please ask the home institution library to contact the library by e-mail to verify the desired material is available when you plan to visit:
  • Letter of Introduction (紹介状 Shōkaijō) from the home institution library (please use the following form if the home institution does not have one):
    • A letter of Introduction (Word,  PDF)
  • Library materials request form (図書閲覧願 Tosho etsuran negai) from the home institution Please use the following form if the home institution does not have one:
    • Library Materials Request Form (Word,  PDF)
  • Please verify date of your visit by checking 開館カレンダー.

         For general public users: No Advance Inquiry and
         Preparation Required (access will be limited).

Note: If you want to have access to rare materials, using procedure for affiliates from other universities is recommended, otherwise some rare materials cannot be accessed on the day you visit.  Please ask the library staff if you are visiting the library as a general public user and want to access to these materials.

Upon Arrival:

  • At the Main Counter located on the first floor:
    • Please present the letter of Introduction and the library material request form
    • Please present some form of personal ID
    • Please obtain "利用カード" in order to use the library.

Floor Maps: Please refer to "施設案内".


  • Photocopy services are provided in accordance with Japanese copyright laws.
  • Copy Fee:
    • Black: 40 yen
    • Color: 100 yen


  • Eligible for Rissho University Affiliates and 仏教図書館協会東地区相互利用 members, Saitama Acacdermic Library Association and 三大学図書館相互利用 members.

Note: 三大学図書館相互利用Three University Library Mutual Use(?), available for Saitama Institute of Technology, Institute of Technologists and Rissho University.  graduate students, university faculty members and researchers in the Buddhism and Indian philosophy from the participant institutions can use other members' libraries.

Accessing Rare Materials

Accessing the Tanaka Collection: The original materials are not available for viewing.

Prior to visit:

  • Please verify the desired material is available by using their OPAC.
    • If location of materials are "熊谷保存田中," no special procedure will be necessary.  
  • Accessing Tokushu shiryō (特殊資料, such as Micro-form Materials) requires advance contact to the Library through your home institution.


  • Photocopy services are provided in accordance with Japanese copyright laws.

Note: Please make sure to ask the library staff about using (publishing) these materials.

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