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Keio University: KEIO Institute of Oriental Classics (斯道文庫)


General Information

KEIO Institute of Oriental Classics 
2-15-45 Mita Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8345

About the Facility:

The KEIO Institute of Oriental Classics is an affiliated facility for Japanese and Oriental classics studies.  The facility stores 163,000 library materials including Chinese studies, Confucianism, Japanese literature, Chinese literature, Japanese history and Oriental history. The research facility uses their own library classification system.

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Summary of Collection(s)

Collection Size: 163,000 volumes

Focus: Chinese Studies, Confucianism, Japanese Literature, Chinese Literature, Japanese History, Oriental history

Notable Collection(s): 

Shiigamoto Collection: Book Collection of Tababana Moribe (1781-1849) , a prominent Japanese study scholar in the late Edo period (often compared to Motoori Norinaga for his unique teaching style). The collection includes 59 handwritten manuscripts by him (Approximately 240 volumes).

Hamano Collection: Book Collection of Tomosaburō Hanano (1879-1941) who was a director of Daito Bunka Gakuin, The collection consists of classic Japanese and  Chinese studies as well as Han leaning materials after Meiji period (11,500 volumes).

Hiraoka Collection: Donated by Yoshimichi(?) Hiraoka who was an emeritus professor at Keio University.  The collection include about 1,500 Japanese-style books (wasouhon) as well as handwritten manuscripts of prominent Japanese study scholar Kamono and map of the emperor tombs (Approximately 3,200 volumes).

Note: For more collections and their descriptions, please see Collections

Note: The Guide uses the ALA/LC standard romanization, however, it also reflects a different romanization system used by an individual institution or collection.


Digital Collection(s)

Other Programs of Interest

How to Use the Facility

Using the Library

Prior to the Visit:

  • Letter of Introduction (紹介状 Shōkaijō) from your home institution library. Please use the following form if the home institution does not have one:
    • A letter of Introduction (Word,  PDF)
  • Please obtain Library Materials Request Form (閲覧願 Etsuran negai ) available on their webpage and send it by FAX:
    • FAX: +81-3-5427-1719

Note: Visiting researchers have to obtain the permission from the institute, at least a week prior to their visit.  


  • Photocopy services are provided in accordance with Japanese copyright laws.
  • Copy Request Form: Please ask the facility staff for details.

For more visiting information, please refer to "閲覧について ”

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