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Japan Foundation Libraries: The Library of the Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai (関西国際センター図書館)


General Information

The Library of the Japan Foundation
Japanese-Language Institute
3-14 Rinku Port Kita, Tajiri-cho,
Sennan-gun, Osaka 598-0093

About the Library:

The Library of Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai holds 48,000 books, 266 journals, 15 newspapers in 9 languages, about 1,245 audio-visual materials, about 1,387 microfilms and 5 online database.

Resources & Facilities

Summary of Collection(s)

Collection Size:
  • Books:  51,300 volumes
    • Japanese: 68%
    • Foreign Languages: 32%
  • Periodical: 295 periodical titles 
    • Japanese: 155 titles 
    • Foreign Languages: 140 titles
  • 8 newspapers in 4 languages
  • Audio-Visual Materials CD/DVD: 1650 items
  • Microfilms: 1,387 items
Focus: Language Learning tool
Note: The Guide uses the ALA/LC standard romanization, however, it also reflects different romanization system used by an individual institution.

How to Use the Facility

Using the Library

Open to the Public


  • Photocopy services are provided in accordance with Japanese copyright laws.
  • Copy Fee: 10 yen

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