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Librarian Professional Development Working Group (LPDWG): Cataloguing & Metadata Resources


This page was created to provide relevant information about Cataloguing & Metadata Resources

As part of the previously planned Next Generation Japanese Studies Librarian Workshop, a session was devoted to cover cataloguing and metadata-related issues. The invited presenters Mieko Mazza (Stanford University) and Yukari Sugiyama (Yale University) kindly shared the PowerPoint presentations (with audio) they had prepared for the workshop. The presentations are now available in the NCC Japan YouTube Channel.

Cataloguing & Metadata-Related Presentations

Presentation 1: Best Practices for Metadata Creation for Digital Scholarship Projects: Through Illustrative Cases from Stanford University Libraries | Mieko Mazza (31:59)

Mieko Mazza is the Head of Technical Services & Japanese Technical Services Librarian at the Stanford University Libraries.

In this presentation she covers the following topics:

  • Providing metatada for digitized primary resource materials
  • Collaboration across departments
  • Crowdsourcing metadata application of traditional bibliographic classification principles in working with digital collections and metadata in institutional and digital respositories
  • AI for libraries
  • Case studies
    • Magario Family diaries
    • Kumamoto-han bunjin shojoshu

Presentation 2: So Much Work So Little Time: Adopt Automation Into Your Workflow | Yukari Sugiyama (10:52)

Yukari Sugiyama is the Librarian for Discovery and Metadata Assessment at Yale University.

In this presentation, she covers

  • how automation can speed up library work, especially in cataloguing
    • Automating workflow to conduct duplicate search
    • Automating workflow to conduct searches for copy cataloguing
  • Source code and sample test files available via GitHub

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