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Librarian Professional Development Working Group (LPDWG): JJSLT Training Materials


01: Bibliographic Materials

02: Collection Development

03: Cataloging

04.1: Information Literacy
(for Undergraduates)

04.2: Information Literacy
(for Graduate Students)

04.3: Information Litearcy Q&A

05.1: Thinking Outside the Box
(Blended Learning)

05.2: Thinking Outside the Box
(Librarians as Project Managers)

06.1: NCC Initiatives
(Introduction to the NCC)

06.2: NCC Initiatives
(Image Use Protocol / IUP)

06.3: NCC Initiatives
(Multi-Volume Sets / MVS)

06.4: NCC Initiatives
(ILL & Global ILL Framework / GIF)

06.5: NCC Initiatives
(Digital Resources Committee / DRC)

08.1: Archives Session
(Research Visits)

08.2: Archives Session
(National Diet Library / NDL)

08.4: Archives Session Q&A

09.1: Voices of Experience

09.3: Voices of Experience

*There were materials at the 07.1 point, but we have decided not to use them on the JJSLT site.


On this page, you will find all the training materials (handouts, PowerPoint presentations) that were used during the 2-day workshop and compiled into the Junior Japanese Studies Librarian Training Workshop Workbook. Permission to videorecord selected sessions of the workshop was obtained from the individual trainers. Sessions that were videorecorded include:

Get all the session materials by downloading this single zip file. If you want to download files individually please navigate to the appropriate session where links to the relevant materials are provided.
If you want a great set of bookmarks based off of the resources in the 2012 JJSLT, click here to open and download a copy. The resources are labeled in English, but many sites are Japanese only. (Some links may no longer be active.)


01 - Bibliographic Materials / by Yasuko Makino

03 - Cataloging / by Keiko Suzuki

04.1 - Information Literacy for Language Learners / by Sharon Domier

04.2 - Information Literacy -- Graduate Students / by Shirin Eshghi

04.3 - Information Literacy Q&A

No Documents to Share

05.1 - Thinking Outside the Box -- Blended Learning / by Asako Yoshida

05.2 - Thinking Outside the Box -- Librarians as Project Managers / by Tokiko Bazzell

06.1 - NCC Initiatives / by Keiko Yokota-Carter & Victoria Lyon Bestor

06.2 - Image Use Protocol (IUP) / by Fabiano Rocha

06.3 - Multi-Volume Sets (MVS) Project / by Mari Nakahara

06.4 - Interlibrary Loan and Global Interlibrary Loan Framework / by Michiko Ito

08.1 - Archives Session / by Izumi Koide Yasue & Kuniko Yamada-McVey

08.2 - National Diet Library (NDL) Services / by Terumi Fukushi

08.4 - Archives Session Q&A

         No Documents to Share

09.1 - Voices of Experience / by Louis Chor

       No Documents to Share

09.3 - Voices of Experience / by Keiko Yokota-Carter

        No Documents to Share

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