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Resource Sharing Committee: News

Guides to locating and requesting Japanese library resources held elsewhere, including libraries in Japan.


August 31, 2023

Integration of the NDL Online and NDL Search web services

The National Diet Library, Japan, (the NDL) is planning to integrate two of its current web services: the National Diet Library Online Search and Request Service (NDL Online) and the NDL Search.

These two will be launched as the new NDL Search web service in January 2024, according to the NDL.

Information about the new NDL Search can be found here.


March 28, 2023

Updates and insights on upcoming 図書館等公衆送信サービス[Public Transmission Service by Libraries or Similar Facilities] in Japan from Professor Yamada at International Research Center for Japanese Studies (Nichibunken). 


March 27, 2023

A new article titled "図書館向けデジタル化資料送信サービスへの北米からの参加の現状と今後への期待 (Current Status of Participation from North America in the NDL's Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries, and Future Expectations)" is now available on the Current Awareness Portal. The article was co-written by Toshie Marra, the Librarian for Japanese Collection at the University of California, Berkeley, and Tsuyoshi Harada, the Japanese and Korean Studies Librarian at the University of Iowa, for『カレントアウェアネス (Current Awareness) 』No.355.


February 1, 2023





講師    岡田 一祐氏(北海学園大学人文学部日本文化学科講師)


講師    河西 秀哉氏(名古屋大学大学院人文学研究科准教授)







Webinar: Information Sources for Japanese Studies (National Diet Library, Japan)

Dear Colleagues;

Apologies for cross posting.

The National Diet Library Japan would like to announce

"Webinar: Information Sources for Japanese Studies" to be held in February 2023.

For details, see [ ]

This webinar is intended for librarians, researchers, and other people outside of Japan who are engaged in Japanese studies.

The goal of this webinar is to teach and improve basic skills for finding and using information related to research in Japanese studies.

Theme: Information Sources for Japanese Studies

Venue: Video on demand via Cisco Webex

*You need to register for the webinar to watch the video.

Date: From Wednesday, February 1, to Tuesday, February 28, 2023 *You may watch the video as many times as you wish during this period.

*Questions about the lectures will be accepted until March 6, and answers will be posted on the website sometime thereafter.

Language: Japanese

*No interpretation or translation.


-Lecture 1: Useful Resources for Japanese Linguistics Research and How to Use Them Effectively Dr. Okada Kazuhiro (Hokkai-Gakuen University)

-Lecture 2: Practical Examples in the Research of Modern Japanese History Using Digital Archives Dr. Kawanishi Hideya (Nagoya University)

January 31, 2023


The 18th Forum on the Collaborative Reference Database Project

*Online via Webex Webinars

*This events will be held entirely in the Japanese language.

Event Information:

The 18th Forum on the Collaborative Reference Database Project The Collaborative Reference Database (CRD) is a tool for providing reference services at the National Diet Library, Japan (NDL), that is currently being developed in collaboration with libraries throughout Japan. At present, the database comprises about 150,000 queries that were submitted to reference librarians throughout Japan and which, together with their answers, are available to be browsed by the general public.

The subject of this year’s Forum on the CRD Project will be “Encountering special libraries through the CRD: The attraction of special libraries” and will focus on libraries with a specialized subject matter, libraries established by private enterprise, and other kinds of special libraries.

The Forum will open with a speech by Prof. AOYAGI Eiji of the School of Arts and Letters at Meiji University, who will discuss special libraries, their roles in the community, and the significance of their engagement in the CRD project. Afterwards, some special libraries that have been actively registering unique data in the CRD will give presentations on the features of their institution and how they accept referral questions.

We hope that this Forum serves to promote interlibrary reference and information exchange between libraries with differing specialties as well as the registration of data by special libraries, thereby further improving library services that utilize CRD network. We also look forward to special libraries that are not yet participating in the CRD project to consider joining our network.

This forum will be held online and entirely in the Japanese language.

Anyone who is interested in the CRD or the subject matter of this Forum is welcome to participate.


Time and Date: 

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

1 p.m. to 4:25 p.m. JST


Venue:  Online via Webex Webinars

An hour-long social event will be held after the forum (participation is optional).

Please see the following page for information in Japanese on the program and how to register.

The 18th forum on the Collaborative Reference Database Project

Please direct all inquiries to the Library Support Division Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library, Japan



September 22, 2022

The Japan Library Association (日本図書館協会) is hosting online information sessions for upcoming 図書館等公衆送信サービス for libraries in Japan.

Please note that these sessions will be conducted in Japanese only.



1回目:2022930日(金) 1400分~1520

   2回目:20221018日(火) 1400分~1450

   3回目:20221024日(月) 1400分~1450


開催形式: Zoom配信およびYouTubeによる傍聴



You can find details in this link (in Japanese):

For more info, please contact the Japan Library Association via email:


July 1, 2022

We are delighted to announce that Professor Shoji Yamada at Nichibunken (International Research Center for Japanese Studies) has agreed to serve as advisor for NCC Resource Sharing Committee (RSC).

As many of our community members would already know, Professor Yamada has contributed to us as NCC Japan Liaison over the three years, keeping us informed about important developments relating to digitization and copyright law in Japan.

Professor Yamada will serve as NCC RSC Advisor from 2022 to 2024. Please join us in thanking Professor Yamada for his continuing contributions to NCC and our community!


April 10, 2022

Updates on Photocopies service from Waseda University Library in Japan.

While their Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service has been still suspended due to the pandemic, the Waseda University library is now accepting photocopies request on their resources with following changes.

  • Since they cannot send photocopies via normal “Airmail” due to the pandemic, the library is sending them via EMS or FedEx.
  • Fee for the photocopies request has been updated. Now they charge 60 yen per a photocopy paper, which covers two facing pages. This fee would be double if the resource was published outside of Japan.
  • Currently, they accept only IFLA vouchers or OCLC-IFM as paying methods.

Please note that these changes have not been reflected on their website ( yet, as of April 10, 2022.

For more details, please contact the Waseda University Library via email:


February 24, 2022

The International ILL Toolkit is a valuable resource when you have exhausted domestic lenders and want to borrow internationally. This crowd-sourced effort, initiated by the OCLC SHARES consortium, is freely available to all interlibrary loan (ILL) practitioners in the global resource sharing community. 

International ILL Toolkit:

Video about the Toolkit:

Should you have questions or suggestions about this toolkit, please contact Brian Miller at


September 9, 2021

NCC's Statement on Japanese Copyright Law Article 31, formerly located on the main page of the NCC LibGuide, is now located here. [English PDF] [Japanese PDF]


March 5, 2021

Japanese Copyright Law partly revised

A bill to revise the Japanese Copyright Law was approved by the Cabinet yesterday and released by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Please see below.

As to the revised bill, it doesn't seem to prevent services to overseas. However, these revisions are for domestic use only, and there were no clear statements regarding overseas. There are many parts that need more information and clarification. The NCC ILL/DD committee will continue to pursue those issues and will keep everyone informed.   


February 06, 2021

NCC chair posted the NCC statement in Support of the Revision of Article 31 of Japanese Copyright Law as well as sent the letters to Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, and Technology, Agency of Cultural Affairs, and National Diet Library. 


February 05, 2021

CEAL President announced the CEAL Statement in Support of the Revision of Article 31 of Japanese Copyright Law as well as sent the letters to Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, and Technology, Agency of Cultural Affairs, and National Diet Library.


January 20, 2021

The result of the public comment

Thank you for your participation in the public comment on the Interim Report of the Review of the Regulations on Library Rights Restrictions held in December 2020. The result has been published on the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan (Bunkacho)’s website. Please visit the following URLs. You can see the proposed revisions added in red in the second URL.  


パブリックコメントのまとめ (Summary of the Public Comments)


更新後の報告書案 (Revised Draft)


In addition, an article was published on the National Diet Library’s Current Awareness Portal with the original (non-edited) version of comments by organizations.


January 6, 2021

Japan Post announced that they have again suspended several services from Japan to the US (Updated on December 24). 



While this update should not impact NDL's photocopy delivery service since they use "letters" service, it might cause further delays to the arrival of deliveries.


December 15, 2020

Please send your comments to public comment on Interim Report of the Review of the Regulations on Library Rights Restrictions (図書館関係の権利制限規定の見直し(デジタル・ネットワーク対応)に関する中間まとめ」)


The Council for Cultural Affairs (文化審議会) of the Agency for Cultural Affairs (文化庁) is now conducting a public comment on Interim Report of the Review of the Regulations on Library Rights Restrictions (図書館関係の権利制限規定の見直し(デジタル・ネットワーク対応)に関する中間まとめ」) and will be closing at 23:00 on December, 21,2020 (Japan time). This includes NDL’s Digitized Contents Transmission Service (図書館向けデジタル化資料送信サービス). If you or your colleagues work with Japanese materials, please read PDF files above this article and participate in this poll.


For your convenience, the NCC ILL/DD committee also translated the comment form in English as well as extracted the comment points which correspond with the form. You can find these documents at the bottom of this news column. Please note that English translations are prepared by us and not official versions. Therefore, please let me know if you have any questions. 


Please submit your opinion at  


The most important points for us to consider for the comments (please see the file of comment points) are: 

  • If the NDL makes it possible to transmit data of materials such as out of print materials directly to users via Internet under certain conditions, overseas users would like to have the same services as the users in Japan. 

  • The Rights to transmit to the public prevents librarians from providing information to users via the Internet. However, this practice prohibits the libraries to deliver the needed information to their users when librarians nor users can have access to the library's physical collection due to various emergency reasons such as the recent new coronavirus pandemic.  

  • Currently, overseas libraries allowed only viewing service of the Digital Contents Transmission service, but we would like to use the image printing service as well.  



  • Current procedure requires librarians to mediate and monitor the service use by logging in the users as well as processing the print-outs. For academic research use, if the users can print out and download materials by themselves, it increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the research activities. 



  • It would be ideal that overseas residents can also register for the digital contents transmission service and obtain IDs and passwords to receive the service. 


Please send your comments. We appreciate your corporation. 

October 16, 2020

Japan Post updated International mail service availability by country 

  • Among Air items, only some ordinary letter-post items such as Printed Matter, Special Mailbags for Printed Matter and Small Packets are accepted from October 9, 2020. Please find more details here.

August 27, 2020

図書館関係の権利制限規定の在り方に関するワーキングチーム(第1回)held at Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

April 23, 2020

Japan Post announced Temporary suspension of acceptance of various mail items destined to the United States

May 16, 2019

NDL has updated their website on Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries (図書館向けデジタル化資料送信サービス) 


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