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University of California Santa Barbara: Davidson Library

General Information

Facility: University of California at Santa Barbara Davidson Library
Address: Davidson Library, UCSB Library, University of California, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA 93117
Phone: (805) 893-2478 or (805) 893-3133
Hours: Hours of operation

About the library:

The Davidson Library is the main library for the University of California at Santa Barbara, and houses the majority of the university's library collections, including the main library collection, the map imagery lab, the curriculum lab, the special collections, and more.


UC Santa Barbara allows access to hundreds of databases, including seventeen under the Japanese Studies subject heading and 47 under the East Asian Studies subject heading. All databases can be accessed on-campus at UCSB, however nearly all of them are restricted to on-site access only.

Online Resources

University of California Santa Barbara faculty and staff develop subject and course guides that are then hosted on the website (link above) by UCSB. These include research guides, area guides, arts, engineering, language & literature guides, and more.

Resource & Facilities

Arts Library

Davidson Library

East Asian Library

Minimal amounts of Japanese materials are available in several other libraries on the UCSB campus, including the Ethnic & Gender Studies Library and Sciences-Engineering Library.

Summary of Collections

Collection size: as of January 2014 the Davidson Library's collection totalled more than 1.1 million items of which only about 900 are in Japanese. The Davidson Library's main collection focuses on supporting the academic departments at the University of California Santa Barbara that do not have independent library collections, and therefore is very interdisciplinary. Several notable collections, comprising over a third of the Davidson Library collection, are listed below.

Notable Collections:

  • Curriculum Lab: a resource center for materials intended for students grades K-12, this lab has instructional materials primarily collected for student teachers at UCSB.
  • Government Information Center: a collection of government documents, taken from agencies of the U.S., California, Santa Barbara City and County, foreign countries, international organizations, and the western states of the U.S. Use of the Interlibrary loan system is necessary to request government documents from this collection.
  • Map & Imagery Lab: a collection of maps, aerial photographs, and other types of remote sensing data and GIS data from around the globe, including 178 Japanese-language items.
  • Special Collections: the home to all the rare books and special collections at UCSB, this includes collections such as the American Religions Collection, California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives, Darwin/Evolution Collection, Rare Books and Printed Collections, University Archives, and more. For a full list of collections, please visit the Collections webpage. UCSB requests that any researchers please review the Visit Special Collections page before coming to UCSB, in order to avoid any inconvenience or delays.


Online catalog:

How to Use the Facility


Those outside the faculty, staff, or student population of the University of California Santa Barbara are free to use materials within the libraries free of charge. Some special collections may require a photo ID to access. To borrow any materials, a library card is required. For Non-UCSB borrowers, a library card is $100 a year. For non-UCSB borrowers who are UCSB affiliates, library cards are $25 a year. For more information, please visit the library card webpage.

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