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Doing Digital Scholarship in Japanese Studies

An NCC two-day workshop on digital scholarship and libraries/librarians, at the University of Toronto, March 13-14, 2017

Session Recordings

Doing Digital Scholarship in Japanese Studies: Innovations and Challenges

* Links to projects and/or tools used by the presenters and panelists are available on the Tools and Projects page.

Day 1: 3/13/2017

  • Librarians and the Federated Academic Digital Imaging System - Harriet Sonne de Torrens
  • Roundtable: Preparing Your Digitization Projects for Short- and Long-Term Preservation 

     Kazuko Hioki - Introductions

     Setsuko Noguchi

     Haruko Nakamura

     Steve Marks


Day 2: 3/14/2017

  • Digital Archiving Roundtable

     Hidenori Watanave

     Ryo Morimoto

     Noriko Sugimori 

  • Roundtable: Creating Digital Collections - Working with Partners, Students, and Volunteers

     Victoria Lyon Bestor

     Michaela Kelly

     Noriko Sugimori

  • Roundtable on New Digital Resources from Japan

     Setsuko Noguchi - Introductions

     Toshinori Egami & Nahoko Tsubouchi

     Kazuaki Yamamoto

     Yasunao Kobayashi

  • Roundtable: Digital Scholarship as a Teaching Tool in the Classroom

     Michaela Kelly

     Elizabeth Parke

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