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Resources: Research Resources

Resources about Japanese Studies for Research, Teaching, and Librarianship

NCC offers support for research and information about accessing Japanese collections.

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NCC Project: Research Access Guides

Planning a research trip to a museum, library, or archive?

Start planning your trip with information about each institution's policies and procedures, hours and location, and collection information at institutions in Japan, the US, and a small number in Europe.  

From the CDDP Task Force

Learn to use digital tools and resources!

Digital Scholarship has become an indispensable part of research, teaching, and learning. The Comprehensive Digitization and Discoverability (CDDP) Task Force initiated the Video Series to assist engagement with digital scholarship in Japan Studies, highlighting useful tools and best practices. 

From the Image Use Protocol Working Group

Need information on how to request copyright permissions for Japanese images?

Start here to find examples of who to contact, when, and bi-lingual templates.

Get more information on Image Use Protocols, see example cases and more.

NCC Project: Digital Image Gateway

Search images in Japanese or English!

This is a bilingual database available in both Japanese and English, searchable by title, keywords, descriptions, and subject categories. It acts as a portal database for online images that are held by various universities, archives, research institutions, public libraries, and museums in Japan, North America, and Europe.

NCC Project: Japan Art Catalog

Do you research Japanese Art?

Since 1995, NCC has partnered with several institutions to collect and make available Art Museum Exhibition Catalogs for ILL and in-person viewing.  These valuable resources are often lost once an exhibit closes but can still provide great information for research. 

From the Digital Resources Committee

Do you research in Japanese-language databases?

While many Japanese databases require institutional subscriptions, some may have options for individual researchers.  View the list to see what's available and subscription options for each.

From the Outreach Working Group

NCC’s Outreach Working Group (OWG) supports faculty researchers and independent scholars of Japan, particularly those at small institutions or those without access to comprehensive Japanese library resources. OWG works to facilitate connections between researchers and needed resources, including information about NDL and Nichibunken.

From the DRC and CCWG

Want to access Japanese Newspapers?

The Cooperative Collection Development Working Group (CCDWG) has a list of Japanese newspapers in print format and information on how to find what library holds them.  All requests should be made via your institution's ILL/DD service.

The Digital Resource Committee (DRC) has a list of online newspaper databases - see what's available and subscription options for each database.

From the Notable Japanese Collections Working Group

Find locations of notable Japanese resource collections!

This dashboard is a step towards building a comprehensive database that charts all print and digital materials including unprocessed or partially processed collections.  It was developed to identify and promote notable Japanese Studies collections held in North American libraries and other institutions.

From the Resource Sharing Committee

Want to feel more comfortable making ILL requests from your library?

Most Interlibrary Loan (ILL) requests must be made by a librarian from the borrowing institution.  If you've found a resource you think is helpful, but want some guidelines on how to request it, check out the Resource Sharing Committee (RSC)'s ILL Tips page.

NDL does accept photocopy-only requests from individual researches who are registered on their site.  Learn more HERE.

Keep current with ILL News.

NCC Project: Multi-Volume Set Collections

Is the resource you need at a different library?

From 1992 until 2018, NCC helped build a national collection of Japanese research materials in the United States through its Multi-Volume Sets Project (MVS).  As a condition for the grant, all materials can be loaned through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to other institutions.  Check the database to see if someone has what you need; your librarian can assist with ILL.

NCC Project: Multimedia History Project

Hear from people in their own words!

NCC has facilitated the growth of the Japan Studies field in North America for over 30 years. This is a Participatory Engagement Project, which involves the whole community in building a “multimedia” history of key people involved in NCC and the development of the Japan Studies field.

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