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About Okayama University:

Okayama University was founded in 1949 as a national university.  The predecessor of the university was the Medical Training Place, Igakkan 医学館, which was founded in 1870.  In 1880, the Medical Training Place became Okayama Prefectural Medical School, Okayamaken Igakkō 岡山県医学校. In 1888 it was merged into a national school, the Third Higher Middle School,  Daisan kōtō chūgakkō 第三高等中学校 and facilitated the Medical Faculty.  However, in 1901, the Medical Faculty became an independent school  and became a four year medical school called Okayama Medical Speciality School, Okayama igaku senmon gakkō 岡山医学専門学校.  The school was chartered  and became Okayama Medical College, Okayama ika daigaku 岡山医科大学 in 1922.  The school kept  merging with other national and public colleges in Okayama Prefecture.  The predecessors of the university include the Sixth Higher School, Dairoku kōtō gakkō 第六高等学校, Okayama Normal School Okayama shihan gakkō 岡山師範学校, Okayama seinen shihan gakkō 岡山青年師範学校 and Okayama Agricultural College, Okayama nōgyō senmon gakkō 岡山農業専門学校.

The university has 10 faculties: Law, Economics, Science, Medicine, Health Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Science and technology, Dental school, and Agriculture.  Okayama University has three campuses: Tsushima, Shikata and Misasa. 


Institution: Okayama University
Founded: 1949
Type: National University
Location: Okayama, Okayama

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