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About the Facility:

Founded in 1981 the National Museum of Japanese History (国立歴史博物館 or Rekihaku 歴博) is a general museum of Japanese history that houses and displays some 200,000 artifacts of historical importance and cultural value.  Rekihaku focuses on visual exhibits that facilitate an understanding of Japanese history and culture, relying on both the numerous authentic artifacts in its collection and on precise reproductions and scale models.

As a member of Japan's inter−university research consortium, Rekihaku also serves as a center for research and graduate study, participating in exchanges with scholars nation-wide and providing training to students enrolled in its graduate program.

Rekihaku's exhibition section opened in 1983 with permanent exhibitions in five galleries subdivided into a total of 25 topics with an emphasis on the history of everyday life among ordinary people. Rekihaku is also planning to restructure its standing exhibitions, and to create a number of new exhibits.

In accordance with the National University Corporation Law, Rekihaku has been predesignated as the National Museum of Japanese History, National Institutes for the Humanities, Inter-University Research Institute Corporation since 2004.


National Museum of Japanese History
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