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About Kanazawa University:

Kanazawa University (金沢大学 Kanazawa daigaku) is a national university of Japan located in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture.

Kanazawa University was made as a result of merging Kanazawa Medical School (金沢医科大学 Kanazawa ika daigaku), the Fourth Higher School (第四高等学校 Daiyon kōtō gakkō), Ishikawa Normal School (石川師範学校 Ishikawa shihan gakkō), Ishikawa Youth Normal School  (石川青年師範学校 Ishikawa seinen shihan gakkō), Kanazawa Higher Normal School (金沢高等師範学校 Kanazawa kōtō shihan gakkō) and Kanazawa Technical College (金沢工業専門学校 Kanazawa kōgyō senmon gakkō ) in May 1949 

Since then, Kanazawa University has been the leader of universities on the Sea of Japan. It has continuously and substantially contributed to the development of higher education in Japan as well as global promotion of research by offering 8 faculties: literature, education, law, economics, science, engineering, medicine, and pharmaceutical science as well as 5 graduate courses: education, human and socio-environment studies, natural sciences and technology, medical science, and law school.


Kanazawa University
National University
Kanazawa, Ishikawa

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