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About Gifu University:

Gifu University  (岐阜大学 Gifu daigaku) is founded in 1949 with its main campus in Gifu city.  There are currently more than 7,000 students, including several hundreds of foreign students, who are enrolled in bachelor programs as well as post-graduate programs.

The university has five faculities: Education, Regional Studies, Medicine, Engineering, Applied Biological Sciences (agriculture and veterinary).  In addition to the regular programs, there are three graduate programs which are joint programs with other universities.  The first program is the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science with Shizuoka University (静岡大学) and Shinshu University (信州大学). The second program is the United Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences (UGSVS) with Obihiro University of Agriculture and veterinary Medicine (帯広畜産大学), Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (東京農工大学), and Iwate University (岩手大学).  Finally, the United Graduate School of Drug Discovery and Medical Information Sciences with Gifu Pharmaceutical University (岐阜薬科大学).



Institution: Gifu University
Founded: 1949
Type: National University
Location: Gifu, Gifu

Other Programs of Interest

For information about Gifu University's international program, please refer to "International Relations".

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