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About Fukuoka University:

Fukuoka University  (福岡大学 Fukuoka daigaku) is the largest private university in the Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu area,  In 1934, it was established as Fukuoka Higher Commercial School (福岡高等商業学校).

Fukuoka University is proud of its holistic approach to their programs.  Students acquire knowledge through interdisciplinary education and research. Combining lectures with research, students cultivate both academic knowledge and ability to apply it in real settings.

Fukuoka university has nine faculties and nine graduate schools and has campus in Nanakuma and Hibikino.



Institution: Fukuoka University
Founded: 1934
Type: Private University
Location: Fukuoka, Fukuoka

Other Programs of Interest

For information about Fukuoka University's international program, please refer to "International Program (pdf)."

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