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About Bukkyo University:

Bukkyo University 佛教大學 is a private university in Kita-ku, Kyoto City in Kyoto Prefecture. "Bukkyo" means Buddhism in Japanese, and this university's philosophy is based on Pure Land Buddhism 净土宗.

The school dates to 1912 when Koto Gakuin 高等学院 was founded in compliance with goverment's vocational schools regulations.  In 1949, it was chartered as a junior college under the government’s educational policy reforms. 

Today, Bukkyo University has seven schools and thirteen departments including Japan's first School of Historical Science. The graduate division includes four graduate tracks and twelve majors.

Bukkyo University's departments and graduate school also offer correspondence courses, the largest correspondence schools in Japan with approximately 18,000 students, to advance the university's higher education and research. The university also provides courses for those who wish to obtain teaching credentials and other licenses.

In addition, the school has affiliated centers including the Shijo Extension Center in central Kyoto, and its Los Angeles Extension.



Institution: Bukkyo University
Founded: 1912
Type: Private University
Location: Kyoto, Kyoto

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