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University of Tsukuba (筑波大学 Tsukuba daigaku ) was founded in 1973 when Tokyo University of Education (東京教育大学 Tokyo kyōiku daigaku) relocated to the Tsukuba area. The history of Tokyo University of Education dates back even further to 1872 when Tokyo Higher Normal School (東京師範学校 Tokyo Shihan Gakkō ) one of the oldest universities in Japan, was established. 

University of Tsukuba is known for research in the fields of physical education, medical science, physics and social science.  Furthermore, both the University's School of Science and the Earthquake Research Institute are represented on the National Coordinating Committee for Earthquake Prediction. In addition the University merged with the University of Library and Information Science (図書館情報大学 Toshokan jōhō daigaku ) in 2002.



Institution: University of Tsukuba
Founded: 1973
Type: National University
Location: Tsukuba, Ibaragi

Other Programs of Interest

Tsukuba University was designated as one of Japan's Global 30 institutions. 

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