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About Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology:

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (東京農工大学 Tōkyō Nōkō Daigaku) is one of Japan's national universities, located in the town of Fuchu in Tokyo.  The university was founded in 1949. Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology or "TUAT", is a research-oriented national university with two campuses, one each located in the cities of Fuchū and KoganeiTokyo.

The undergraduate organization of TUAT has two faculties, Agriculture and Engineering. Under the Faculty of Agriculture, there are five departments as following: Biological Production, Applied Biological Science, Environmental and Natural Resource Science, Eco-regional Science, and Veterinary Medicine. In the Faculty of Engineering there are eight departments: Biotechnology and Life Sciences, Applied Chemistry, Organic and Polymer Materials Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Systems Engineering, Applied Physics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Computer and Information Sciences.

There are two principal institutes (the Institute of Agriculture and the Institute of Engineering) with graduate programs, three graduate schools (the Graduate School of Engineering, the Graduate School of Agriculture, and the Graduate School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering), and postgraduate courses offered at the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science.


Institution: Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Founded: 1949
Type: National University
Location: Fuchu, Tokyo

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