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Tokyo National Museum: Library (資料館)


Summary of Collection(s)

Collection size:

  • Books: 220,000 volumes
  • Periodicals: 7,000 titles
  • Photos: 350,000 images

Focus: Books and Magazines (Japanese, Chinese, Western): arts and crafts, and history of the East Asia, including exhibition catalogues and archeological reports

Photographs: Images of  the East Asian arts and crafts, and archeological objects

Note: The Guide uses the ALA/LC standard romanization, however, it also reflects a different romanization system used by an individual institution or collection.

Online Resource(s)

How to Use the Facility

Using the Library

Upon Arrival:

  • Please refer to the entrance procedure on the "Access to the center".
  • Online Catalog: Please find information on desired materials by using "Tokyo National Museum Library Catalog".

Floor Plan:

  • Please refer to "Library Layout" on their webpage.


  • Copy services are provided in accordance with Japanese copyright laws
  • Service Hours: 9:30-16:00
  • Copy machines and Microfilm Reader Printers are available
  • Self-service, however for printing large materials or photographic images, please ask staff.
  • Cost: 30 yen per sheet for black and white, and 100 yen for color
  • Some information material cannot be copied because of its physical condition.

Accessing Closed Stack

  • Service Hours: 9:30-16:00
  • Please printout Shutsuko seikyushyō from Opac in the reading room and submit at the the counter, Etsuran uketsuke kauntā 閲覧受付カウンター
  • Up to 5 inquiries

Photographic materials:

  • 280,000 images are available in the reading room.
  • Stored by the following categories: Painting Kaiga 絵画, Calligraphy Shoseki 書跡, Sculpture Chōkoku 彫刻, Metalworking Kinkō 金工, Swords Tōken 刀剣, Ceramics Tōji 陶磁, Dyeing and Weaving Senshoku 染織, Lacquer Shikkō 漆工, Treasures of Horyuji Horyuji kenno Hōbutsu 法隆寺献納宝物, Archaeology Kōko 考古, Historical Records / Materials Rekishi Shiryō 歴史資料
  • Please return the material at the counter.

Microfilm materials:

  • Catalog is available at the facility.
  • Please fill out call number, film number, and title on the request form,  Shiryo etsuran mōshikomihyō 資料閲覧申込票, and submit it the counter, Etsuran uketsuke kauntā 閲覧受付カウンター.
  • Up to 5 inquiries 
  • Please use micro reader at the special reading room, Tokubetsu etsuranshitsu 特別閲覧室.

Old Japanese Materials, Wakosho (和古書):

  • Old Japanese materials can be viewed with microfilms.
  • Catalogs, Tokyo kokuritsu hakubtsukan zōsho mokuroku (vol. 1, 2) 東京国立博物館蔵書目録1・2, are available at the facility.
  • Please Check the call numbers with the catalogs before checking the microfilm catalog.
  • Please ask the staff if materials are not available on the microfilm.

Audio Visual Materials, Shichōkaku shiryō (視聴覚資料):

  • Please check Tokyo National Museum Library Catalog.
  • Please ask the staff at the counter

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