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Tokyo Institute for Municipal Research Library: Library (図書館)


General Information

Tokyo Institute for Municipal Research Library

1F Shisei kaikan 1-3 Hibiyakoen, Chiyoda, Tokyo 100-0012

Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays,


About the Library

Tokyo Institute for Municipal Research (TIMR) library was opened in 1922 exclusively for TIMR staff, but soon it was available on public in 1926. The library has been a leading library in the municipal research field since then.

The library holds research materials on local and urban issues such as policies, planning, finance, economy and governance and historical materials, statistics, master plans and research reports published by cities and prefectures.

Summary of Collection(s)

Collection Size:

  • Books: 127,705 volumes
    • Japanese: 106,750 volumes
    • Non Japanese languages: 20,955 volumes
  • Periodicals: 224 titles
    • Japanese: 182 titles
    • Non Japanese languages: 42 titles

     Notable Collection(s):

    • Omori Bunsho (大森文書):  residencial policy documents from Ōmori  Shōichi (大森鐘一) in the Meiji Period

    • Nakayama Bunsho 中山文書: Local goverment policy documents from Nakayama Kanrokurō (中山寛六郎) in the Meiji Period

    Note: The Guide uses the ALA/LC standard romanization, however, it also reflects a different romanization system used by an individual institution or collection.


    Digital Collection(s)

    Online Resource(s)

    How to Use the Facility

    Using the Library


    Prior to the Visit: No Advance Inquiry and Preparation Required 

    • Except for Outside repository (外部書庫 Gaibushoko) requires you to contact the library at least two days before you plan to visit.

    Upon Arrival: 

    • Please put your belongings in the locker.

    • For the materials that are not in the open stack area, please fill out the material request form (資料請求票, Shiryō seikyūhyō).


    • Hours: 9:30-16:00

    • Photocopy services are provided in accordance with Japanese copyright laws.

    • Please fill out the copy request form (複写申込票 Fukusha shinseisho) and submit it at the counter.

    • Copy Fee:

      • Black: 10 yen 
      • Color: 30 yen

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