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About National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo:

Founded in 1930 as the Art Research Institute with an endowment established by Kuroda Seiki (黒田清輝), the godfather of Western style painting in Japan, the Tokyo Research Institute for Cultural Properties (東京文化財研究所 Tōkyō Bunkazai Kenkyū-jo, also known as 東文研 Tobunken) is dedicated to the preservation and utilization of cultural properties.

In 1952, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Conservation Sciences, and General Affairs were established.  In addition, a department of Restoration Techniques was added in in 1973, an archive in 1977 and  the Division of International Cooperation for Conservation in 1993.  Furthermore,  a graduate course was established in cooperation with Tokyo University of the Arts (東京芸術大学 Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku) in 1995

In 2001, Tobunken became an independent administrative institution.


Institution: National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo
Founded: 1930
Type: Independent Administrative Institution
Location: Taito-ku, Tokyo

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