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Sophia University: Institute of Comparative Culture (上智大学比較文化研究所)


General Information

Institute of Comparative Culture
7-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8554
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About the Facility:

The Institute of Comparative Culture (ICC) dates back to 1963 when the university founded the Sophia University Socio-Economic Institute (SUSEI) to expand the University's international visability and reputation. The main activity of SUSEI was the International Management Development Seminars (IMDS).

From 1960s-70s, SUSEI and IMDS engaged prominent professors such as professors Hideo Inohara and Hideo Kimura.  From 1973 to 1988, IMDS served as the Japan secretariat for the JAIMS Program (Japan-America Management Institute, funded by Fujitsu in Hawaii).  Altogether, SUSEI held about 300 public seminars for foreign firm executives on subjects related to business in Japan and published 7 books and 74 business monographs.

In 1981, ICC was established and continued IMDS.  Until 1988, IMDS continued to yearly host the Japan components of JAIMS.  As a result, 3 books and Nos. 75-127 (45,000 copies) were published. Until discontinuation in 1997, a total of 558 IMDS programs were held attended by over 10,000 participants. 

In 1984, Prof. Maurice Bairy started a specialized research library on comparative culture; the library acquired more than 1,600 information materials. 

During the 1990s, the ICC organized the Advanced Development Management Program (ADMP) yearly.  

Under prominent professors such as Prof. Akio Kono, students conducted studies on a specific issue in development countries. 

The specializations of ICC members are diverse: business, economics, history, literature, art, and area studies, focusing on Asia. English language is used for all research activities and public events. The main activity of the ICC is funding and organizing research projects initiated by ICC members.  ICC is known for welcoming visiting scholars. Over the last decade, ICC has hosted more than 100 visiting scholars and over 150 lectures and international symposia.

Summary of Collection(s)

  • Working Papers Series: Published research work by ICC members  since 2002.  Issues are available online (PDF).
  • IMDS Business Series Bulletin: IMDS activity bulletins from the SUSEI to ICC era (1960 to 1995), 145 issues, Editor Robert J. Ballon.
  • ADMP Monograph Series: AMDP text (1993-2000), 41 series, Editor: Radha Sinha (1992-1997) and Yoshitaka Okada (1998-2000)

Search Tools and Databases

How to Use the Facility

Research Affiliation

Visiting Scholars


  • Visiting Fellow/Collaborative Fellow: Professional Researchers, Full-time Professors, University Faculty
  • Visiting Researcher: PhD Candidates


  • Must be sponsored by a current member of the institute

For the application procedure, please refer to "ICC Visiting Scholars" on their homepage.

Note: ICC does not sponsor visas, or provide any financial/accommodation assistance.


For general long-term Research and Research Affiliation, please go to "General Affiliation Procedure for Japanese Institutions" on the main page.

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